• Chemical Free
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Effectively Repels Rats & Cockroaches
  • No Maintenance or Refill
  • Scientifically Tested by a Leading Australian University
  • Consumer Proven since 1995
  • Australian Product

Product Details



Just plug in PEST FREE into any power socket and it will rid your house of

cockroaches, mice and rats.

The existing wiring in our premises emits a low electromagnetic field that is

harmless to us. Plug in Pest Free, it alters the background of this magnetic

field. Pest Free do not produce or transmit any magnetic field. It merely alters

the existing electromagnetic field. This disturbs the natural breeding, eating

cycle, stress and drives them out.

This innovative Australian patented technology has been university tested,

independently tested and proven by consumers written testimonials since

January 1995. It costs less than RM 2 per month to operate each unit.Plug in

Pest Free is proven safe for humans and pets by the Australian Electrical

Safety Standard Authorities. Protect your family the environmentally responsible

way. “Plug in...Pest out. It is that simple.” Designed to last up to 3-4 years

and work 24/7 without maintenance. 

Pest Free is certified by the Australian Office of Energy as meeting all electrical standards, Cert No.CS6455N.220/240 VAC 50 Hz 7 Watt.


Pest Free will continuously repel the rats and cockroaches without any maintenance at all.

The benefits are:

·           Effectively repel rats, mice and cockroaches and affects their breeding.

·           Scientifically tested by a leading Australian university.

·           Independently studied by consultants over 2 years.

·           Consumer proven since 1995.

·           Chemical and toxic free.

·           Environmentally friendly and safer for humans.

·           No smell, no mess, no dead pests to dispose of.

·           Won multiple awards in Australia.

·           HACCP International Endorsed



We also have other models of Pest Free apart from the Domestic that is suitable for commercial establishments. Pest Free Pro can cover area up 3000 sq ft is suitable for small cafes and shops and Pest Free Commercial is suitable for hypermarkets, restaurants, hotels.







T & C



1.     Always use an independent plug direct from the wall.

2.     Always ensure that adequate number of Pestfree units are use to achieve the desired results.

3.     Ensure pestfree is switch on 24/7.

4.     Try place pestfree unit in the centre part of the house.

5.     If many units are used try to Zig Zag the pestfree devices in the building.



1.     Do not share the pestfree devices plug with other electrical items. E.g. Washing Machine,Oven,Fridge.

             2.    Do not plug in pestfree device into extension chord or extension plugs



Pest Free Domestic

Single storey 3 room house -1 unit

Double storey intermediate house- 2 units

Standard semi detached house- 3 units


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