Peristeria elata is a species of orchid occurring from Panama, Central America to Ecuador and Venezuela. It’s the national flower of Panama. It is commonly referred to as the Dove orchid because of the tiny little dove that appears to be sitting in the center of the orchid.  These peaceful and elegant orchids do have a fragr nceThe orchid has long pleated leaves borne at the top of large round pseudobulbs when mature


Why this orchid is a MUST-HAVE collection ?

  • Easy to grow and flower suitable to tropical weather - tolerant of a wide range of temperature
  • Hard-to-get orchid species in Malaysia
  • The flowers are thick, waxy, fragrant and long lasting ( 2 - 3 months)

Care :-

  • Light: Low-Medium (TIPS: filtered light conditions all year round without direct sunlight)
  • Like to be potted in coconut mulch / husk, hardwood charcoal and a few large brick pieces (TIPS : The potting medium should be allowed to approach dryness between watering)
  • Temperature Intermediate-Warm (TIPS : It is also good idea to a little reduce a temperatures, especially at night to promote flowering).
  • Humidity : 50% of higher is ideal
  • Water with clean water such as rain, distilled, or reverse osmosis. The roots require moisture at all times. The pseudobulbs should always be plump, round, and full. If they start shriveling, this is most likely a sign they haven't been watered enough.
  • li>TIPS : When flower spikes are emerged, you can slightly increase watering, but not too high.
  • TIPS : It is recommended not to overwater it, especially if it is not in an active growth phase, and give it bright light and warmth.


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