Penpower Lohas

Let’s handwrite naturally, and enjoy simple life.

Penpower Handwriter Lohas has a simple-to-use, light, slim, ergonomic design and combines a 6” x 4” tablet and a 1024-level cordless pressure-sensitive pen (CPSP) to give you the most natural handwriting experience. Even if you're a first-timer to handwriting input, you can use it easily. Traditional or Simplified Chinese, Hong Kong characters, Japanese and Korean writing, English, numbers, even symbols—all can be recognized easily, even mixed together, with no restrictions on the sequence or style of writing. You can also draw, sign, annotate—that you can’t do with a keyboard and mouse in MS Word, Excel, and many more applications.


Windows requirements

East Asian all-in-one package

Recognize over 23,000 traditional and simplified Chinese characters, 4941 special Hong Kong characters, English letters, symbols, numbers, Japanese Kanji, Katakana and Hiragana and Korean characters. Support Unicode system to display Traditional and Simplified Chinese easily.

Smart Interface

The new Full-screen interface combines multiple inputting interfaces for you to choose from, including Full-screen continual writing interface, Writing Pad interface and Infinity-mode Writing interface. The interface also combined with Penpower Handwriter’s many functions, such as pre-related and post-related characters, homophone and punctuation symbol, to speed up your writing and save your time.

Full-screen Balloon UI Toolbar

The new Balloon UI Toolbar provides many functions, such as mouse/handwriting switch, Real-time translator, signature, punctuation symbol, related phrase and setup, to simplify your use experience.

Cursive writing and Artificial Intelligence recognition kernel

No particular stroke order is required.Capable of recognizing extremely cursive handwriting accurately. Highly adaptable to the uniqueness of your handwriting and can be used as a personal handwriting system.

Automatic Correction Function

With the built-in vocabulary and phrases database for proofreading, the system automatically corrects the recognition results.

Pressure sensitive effect

The writing pen has an additional pressure sensitive function. The writing stroke produced will be like one of the eight pen styles such as Mark pen, Chalk and calligraphy.

Handwriting annotation

Your handwriting annotation can be overlapped with the WORD or EXCEL (Office 2003 or later) document to keep their related position to avoid ruining the document format.

Extra Value Package

The Extra Value Package also includes Transtar, OCR and PhotoCap & Tux Paint.

T & C

Return Policy

This return policy is valid only for goods within the warranty period and for goods that are used according to the Usage instructions listed below. For successful claims follow the below mentioned process:
If the goods need to be returned, please inform us about the observed problems as soon as possible. You can do so by email at along with the following details:
- respective product name
- reason of return – exact description of the problem
- date of goods takeover
- your contact details – name, address, phone number, e-mail
- which form of return are you claiming

Send the claimed goods along with the return claim for consideration to the following address: No 16-07, KBCC, Jalan Hamzah, 15050 Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia. 

Attention : DB SOLUTION

Returns can be delivered in person or by post to the above mentioned address – best in the original, otherwise in other suitable protective packaging, along with the above mentioned information and a copy of relevant invoice. When sending the package, do not forget to mark it as FRAGILE.
Make sure, you do not send the returns by cash on delivery method. We will not accept such package and will return it to your address. Please avoid this way of claiming back the amount for the purchased product. We will inspect the damage first and then be in contact with you to solve this matter.

The warranty applies only for items returned within 14 days of receipt. Returns beyond 30 days will not be accepted.


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