Our body consists of A LOT of water, and its best to always ensure you consume clean and healthy liquids. The daily recommendation is 8 glasses, and with a brand new Panasonic Water Alkaline Ionizer, you will stay hydrated and healthy for many years to come. It has a couple of settings to choose from, each dedicated for a specific purpose, and its amazing 5-step filtration system will remove all the unnecessary bacteria to only provide your body with nourishing minerals.

Alkaline liquids Panasonic’s Alkaline Ionizer, is capable of producing not one, but three forms of water. Purified water can be obtained, followed by alkaline ion water or acidic water. Through this improved filtration and a combination of electrolysis method, your family can achieve better tasting meals for the kitchen, cleaner and healthier skin and a hydrated body.
Superb filtration

It is always important to know what we consume to constantly stay healthy. Though we see clean and clear water, it’s the thing we cant that is dangerous, and with Panasonic’s alkaline ionizer it removes up to 99.99 percent of bacteria. It removes the dangerous and unhealthy bacteria, while keeping the essential minerals for the nourishing of our body.

5 level of filtration

The water from our taps will run through the ionizer, and is greeted by 5 layers of filters. Its made up of 4 different components, a non-woven cloth filter, followed by granular activated carbon, powdered activated carbon and lastly, hollow fibers. These components removes 99.99 percent of bacteria’s to leave cleaner, and mineral rich liquids for your family.

Specify your preference

There’s a level of alkaline or acidity to suit whatever you’re doing in the kitchen, and the Panasonic Alkaline Ionizer has a few settings to make your food and skin taste better. At Alkaline level 4, it removes the taste in some vegetables, level 3 is great for cooking vegetables, as it does not removes its natural taste. Meanwhile Alkaline level 2 enhances the taste and texture of rice, Alkaline level 1 is great for the digestive tract and purified water is ideal for baby milk. Finally, its weak acidic pH levels is great for human skin.


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