Panasonic NI-FS900 2-in-1 Garment Steamer

Skip the expensive dry cleaners and opt instead for the professional look you want using this Panasonic two-in-one garment steamer. The 1600-watt garment tool uses the power of steam to quickly remove wrinkles from hanging garments like slacks, skirts, and business shirts, as well as upholstery, curtains, table linen, and more. Weighing just 9.9 pounds, the NI-FS900 transports easily from room to room.

60-Second Quick Start

The Panasonic 2-in-1 steamer heats up and produces steam in as little as one minute--perfect for when you're in a hurry and want to quickly touch up that boardroom business suit or evening ensemble for a night out on the town.

3-Level Steam Adjustment

Using the steam switch on the handle, precisely control the amount of steam generated with three output levels. The low setting works well for delicate fabrics like nylon or cotton, while the high setting easily removes wrinkles from coarser garments like denim. The garment steamer heats from 120 degrees F to 200 degrees F and produces 10g/min of steam on low (1), 14g/min on medium (2), and up to 20g/minute on high (3). The off (0) setting closes access to the steam.

Built-In Water Pump for Stable High-Temperature Steam

Most conventional steamers heat water in the base, so steam has to travel up through a long hose where it has a chance to cool and drip. The advanced NI-FS900 steamer, however, features a built-in water pump that pulls water up from the tank first, then heats it, creating steam in the iron head--right where it's needed.

Since steam is produced by the iron head rather than the base, and it doesn't have to travel through the unit's 5-foot hose, the garment steamer delivers hotter, more consistent, penetrating steam that makes wrinkles disappear.

Leakage Prevention

With no steam going through the hose, there's less chance of condensation and hot water drips. A steam safety stopper further prevents messy leakage.

Doubles as a Conventional Steam Iron

For extra convenience and versatility, the Panasonic 2-in-1 steamer doubles as an iron, allowing you to quickly switch to an ironing board--perfect for pressing sleeves and collars to a crisp finish. Even more, the iron's innovative 360-degree titanium soleplate makes it possible to iron in any direction so you're done in no time.

Automatic Pause-Steam Switch

For added safety, steam output automatically stops when the iron head is placed in the holder located on the storage pole. Pick the iron up again to continue steaming. Super easy.

Large Water-Capacity Base Unit

The garment steamer's large water tank detaches easily from the stand for hassle-free refilling at the sink. With its generous 2-liter (67.63 ounces) capacity, the water tank provides up 100 minutes of continuous steam per filling.

Slender, Lightweight Hose

Compared to conventional steamers, the Panasonic steamer tubing transports only water, not steam. This makes it lighter and more flexible. The result is a more easily maneuverable iron head.

User-Friendly Accessories

Accessories include a soleplate cover, an insulated glove, and a micro ironing board. Placing the micro ironing board behind the collar, sleeves, pockets, and other positions of the garment can help facilitate ironing. To iron delicate fabrics such as acrylic, acetate, nylon, and silk, use the soleplate cover--it helps deliver a beautiful finish with less damage to fabric. For protection from burns, wear the insulated glove when attaching the soleplate cover.


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