Power Supply [V] : 240 a.c.
Power Consumption [kW] : 3.6kW
Water Power Stop System One Push Stop System
Water Pressure Max 380kPa
Min 9.8kPa
Power Selection Digital Electronic Temperature Control with LCD
Water Temperature Control Inlet Temp. ~48°C
LCD Display : Yes
e-Cycle : Yes
Duration Selection : Yes
Cool Temp. Selection : Yes


Healthy Shower Sensation
Get healthy, even when you are showering! Now with our latest e•CYCLE* technology, water alternates between hot and cold temperatures automatically. This amazing and revolutionary new discovery helps improve blood circulation and helps achieve healing, relaxing, detoxifying and massaging effects all at once. So now you can get healthy, even in the shower!

Test Certificate
By taking the e•CYCLE shower, benefits such as "preventing hot flashes" and "continuous warmth" were realized on top of the psychological relaxation and calming down of the mind and body. It also seemed to bring about recovery from fatigue and improved sleeping conditions.

Certified by researcher
Toshimitsu Musha from Japan Certified by Brain Functions Laboratory, Inc.
Test Certificate Number: No. 20100820.
Thermal Effect
With the e•CYCLE shower, your body does not experience any hot flashes after you step out of the bathroom. Keeping your body&s temperature in check, you will experience the same warmth even 15 minutes after your shower, ensuring your body feels good, and improving overall blood circulation.

Healing Effect
Improve your emotions with the e•CYCLE shower. Increases in emotions such as joy and relaxation, while reducing negative feelings such as anger and shower are apparent after the e•CYCLE shower. Stress levels also drop, and users feel more relaxed and comfortable. You will also experience an increase in energy and feel more awake with the e•CYCLE shower.
Comparison of Normal and
e•CYCLE shower Analysis of emotion (using electroencephalogram)

Relax Effect
After a normal shower, your heart rate increases, while after an e•CYCLE shower, it is observed that the heart rate decreases. Also, during an e•CYCLE shower, heart rates increase at a lower pace when compared to regular showers.

The e•CYCLE shower also showed lower overall sympathetic dominance versus regular showers, which indicates stronger relaxation levels.


Enhancing Shower Solutions
Our e•HYBRID shower technology combines a mixture of water and bubbles. This generates ultrasonic waves that vibrate the body and produce a cleansing effect. The ultrasonic waves also generate thermal energy that results in a HyperThermic effect. The negative ions create a renewal effect to the body and further enhance daily health.


Saving the environment while helping you to save money, our eco e•CYCLE technology helps reduce energy consumption by up to 43%.


Reducing water usage by up to 20%, the eco e•HYBRID* technology also reduces wastage and helps save energy.

Electricity Bill Simulation

Not only does Panasonic Home Showers help you enhance your health and well-being, it also helps you save on water and energy consumption. So everytime you take a shower, you can rest assured that your electricity and water bill won&t burn a hole in your wallet.
With the e•CYCLE technology, not only does it help energize and refresh, its continuous cycle of generating 40 seconds of hot water and 30 seconds of cold water reduces 43% of electricity usage.

With e•HYBRID system, the usage of water is decreased by 54% as it runs on 80% of water and 20% of air bubbles, resulting in a HyperThermic effect.


• Based on 7 minutes shower, twice a day for a family of 5 for a month (30 days).
• "Normal Shower" and "e•CYCLE" at MAXIMUM power setting.
• Normal Shower: taking shower as normal condition, meant without e•HYBRID and/or e•CYCLE function.
• e•CYCLE: taking shower with hot & cold shower function.
• e•HYBRID: taking shower with bubble jet function.
• "e•CYCLE" and "e•CYCLE with e•HYBRID" at 20% lower (outlet temperature will be same as previous types).
• Panasonic&s in-house data.
This is an estimated calculation. Calculation will vary depending on individual usage.

e-Cycle: Hot And Cold Shower
e-Hybrid: Mixture Of Air Bubbles And Water
Ag* Crystal - Antibacterial Shower Head
Digital Temperature Control
3-Way Shower Head And 3 Mode Beat Shower
Sliding Rail With Shower Gel Tray
Soft Touch Control Panel
LCD Panel With Clock
50% Shower Force Improvement
Universal Design - User Friendly
Easy To Clean Water Filter
9 Safety Points
Champagne Gold


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