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ECONAVI Technology
Eco operation mode runs only when necessary
ECONAVI is an intelligent technology that can monitor your daily activities and memorize the timeline of thew pollution level.Iy then controls the product before pollution spreads throughout the house.With ECONAVI,up to 40% of energy wastage is reduces

What is nanoe™?
A nanoe™ is a fine (5 to 20nm) and weak acidic water particle with a reactive substance and an electric charge
How nanoe™ Work?
nanoe™ possesses the characteristics of removing hydrogen from viruses,bacteria,odors and allergens.Effectiveness of virus removal depends on the number of OH radical. With nanoe™ device that generates at a high rate of 480 billion per second,the higher the effectiveness of the anti-vital power.

Characteristic of nanoe­™
Long Life
6 times longer lifespan than normal ion -nanoe™ has a lifespan of 6 times longer than normal ion and it contains moisture around 1000 times to minus ions.
Microscopic Scale
One-billionth of the volume size a team particle -nanoe™ is much smaller than steam that can deeply penetrate into cloth fabric to restrain dirt
6 times longer lifespan than normal ion-  nanoe™ comes from condensed moisture in the air .Water replenishment fir the appliance is not required


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