How do you enjoy a great bottle of wine whilst living in a climate like ours, where it is always so hot that your wines naturally “cook” in their bottles when not properly stored? Remember the rule “keep it dark, keep it cool, keep it constant”. The 20-bottle Pacifica thermoelectric wine cellar, PTW20 Degas, does exactly that. Pacifica wine cellars are designed to impress, perfect for avid collectors and beginners alike. PTW20 Degas is part of an all-new range of wine cellars recently launched by Pacific that can come as either a built-in or freestanding application.

Whether storing an entire small collection or providing additional storage space for a large one, the key features of the PTW20 Degas are mirror-reflective double-tempered glass door that shields again UV damage, sleek all-black cabinet, pro-style ergonomic towel bar handle, removable racks made of high-humidity fungus-resistant European beech, adjustable thermostat for storing different wines between 12°C to 18°C, zero-heat emission interior LED lighting, and enhanced Blue Light LCD temperature display feature for accurate temperature range control. Also, since it doesn’t have a compressor, PTW20 Degas makes neither sound nor vibration; its thermoelectric Peltier cooling system has no moving parts and is CFC-free, so you get silent, long-lasting, and environmentally-safe wine cellar.

A unique, all-new enhancement is its ability to be utilised as completely built-in, under your kitchen counter or in your home office between the shelves. Dual temperature zones give you a greater breadth of storage options for your prized possessions. Non-drying cooling technology (unlike conventional refrigerators) ensures good cabin humidity, allowing wine to breathe as it matures and to keep corks supple.


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