OUMAX T3 Smart Watch Bluetooth 4.0 IP67 Sleep Monitoring Sports Tracking Wristband


I5 Plus Smart Wristband
Note: The color of the word on the screen is random.

Multifunctional smart wristband

Easy operation, extraordinary experience! 
You just need to turn over your wrist or touch the screen to switch the interface;
Personalized display function
0.91 inch OLED touch screen can show 32 characters in large font. With I5 Plus on your wrist, you can know who is calling and who sent message to you etc..

Data Synchronism
The bracelet will sync data automatically after connected with phone by APP (Zeroner), the bracelet time will be calibrated as same as the time of phone. Data Synchronism includes: Steps, calorie, distance. You can check if the data synchronism is completed successfully on the APP. It will take 1 - 2 minutes to sync data for the first time. Data synchronism can be done manually by clicking the refresh button on APP too.

Sports tracking
It can be used as a tool to avoid insufficient or excessive exercise by measuring calories consumption based on collected data, such as number of steps, distance, speed, time etc. to control exercise.

Sleep monitor
Start sleep mode: The bracelet will distinguish if the wearer is sleep or awake everyday time 20:00 to 09:00, if the wearer sleep, then the bracelet will start sleep monitor mode automatically.
Exit sleep mode: When the wearer awake and move around 1 minute, the bracelet will exit sleep monitor mode automatically and back to time display.

Remote camera
You can control the camera of you cell phone to take pictures.

Call and message reminding
When a call or message is coming, you can check it without taking out of your mobile phone.
Note: The language showing function (include incoming call shows, message checking) only supports English and Chinese, other languages are not supported.

Sedentary s
Many office workers often sit for eight hours, causing physical overload. The watch especially added sedentary s function. When you sit down and start to work, turn on this feature, select a specific working time. Until the time comes, the watch will automatically send reminders to prompt the owner of that the status will be a break up.

Find your phone
When the function is turned on, your mobile phone will ring or vibrate when the distance between smart watch and phone is a certain distance.

The smart wristband only supports the following mobile devices:
iOS system: Must be iOS 7.0 or later, Bluetooth 4.0; Such as: iPhone 4S / 5 / 6, iPod touch 5, etc.;
Android system: Must be Android 4.3 or later, Bluetooth 4.0; Such as: Samsung S4, Note 3,etc..
You can scan the QR to download APP: iOS users -  Android users - 

Bracelet operating instructions
You can use the bracelet by Gesture Control or Touching the Screen.
It is convenient to check the time by wrist gesture.


Questions and Answers
1. Q: When connected with App, the data synchronism is finished but the bracelet time display is still incorrect?
    A: Reset the bracelet and try data synchronism again.

2. Q: After the bracelet connected with APP, why the bracelet didn’t show call ID when the call coming?
    A: Android phones: After connected with bracelet with APP, please allow Zeroner to visit calls, SMS, contacts and keep Zeroner running in background. If there are security software on your phone,set the software Zeroner as trust;
iOS phones: If your phone is iPhone, please restart your phone and connect the bracelet again.When connect please wait until the phone pop up Bluetooth pairing request and click Pair, the call ID display function will come.

3. Q: The bracelet icon shows the Bluetooth was connected, but the APP cannot sync data?
    A: Generally it is caused by the Bluetooth of the phone. Please switch off the APP firstly, restart the Bluetooth and repair. If the above step does not work, please restart your phone and try again.

4. Q: Why my bracelet lose connection with my phone frequently?
    A: Please check if your phone or other security software sets Zeroner as trusted APP or not. If not, please set it as trusted APP and try again.



Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 4.0 
People: Unisex table 
Waterproof: YES 
Waterproof Rating: IP67 
Colors: Blue, Red, Black 
Screen: YES 
Screen Type: OLED 
Battery type: Lithium-polymer battery 
Battery capacity: 75mAh 
Standby time: About 5 - 7 days 
Language: Spanish, German, English, Italian, Simplified/TraditionalChinese, Russian

Special Features

Functions: Sleep management, Steps counting, Find your phone, Camera remote control, Sedentary reminder, SMS reminding, Call reminder, Incoming calls show, Calories burned measuring

Dial and Band

Shape of the dial: Rectangle 
Case material: PC 
Band material: TPU

Weight and Size

The Dial Thickness: 0.9 cm / 0.35 inches 
The Dial Diameter: 1.9 cm / 0.75 inches 
The Band Width: 1.9 cm / 0.75 inches 
Product Weight: 0.024 kg 
Package Weight : 0.075 kg 
Product Size (L x W x H): 22 x 1.9 x 0.9 cm / 8.65 x 0.75 x 0.35 inches 
Package Size (L x W x H): 20 x 10 x 4 cm / 7.86 x 3.93 x 1.57 inches

Package Contents

Package Contents: 1 x I5 Plus Smart Wristband, 1 x Chinese and English Manual




    i5和i5 plus 比较 i5减少了按键,改成触摸操作、来电显名、微信QQ信息显示等,屏幕更大,续航延长到7天左右,其他功能基本相同。


功能一览:1、来电显名(I5 Plus新功能) 2、微信QQ信息显示内容 (I5 Plus新功能)3、触屏按键(I5 Plus新功能)4、翻腕识别(I5 Plus新功能)5、运动计步6、监测睡眠 7、久坐提醒10、GPS运动 11、寻找手机 12、防水 13、闹钟提醒 14、任务提醒 15、震动提醒 16、超长待机17、智能拍照(有的版本无)等






FAQ for Smart Watch and Wristband

1. Q: I can’t charge my watch / bracelet and it doesn’t power on, what should I do? 
A: If this is the first time you’ve charged your watch / bracelet, please use the adapter to power it, charge it for more than 3 hours, then press the button to start it; 
If you have not used the watch / bracelet for a long time without charging it, the battery would have opened the UVP function. In this situation, you need to activate the battery before using. (You can go to the phone repair shop to activate the battery). 

2. Q: Why can’t I connect with Bluetooth? 
A: 1. If the phone's Bluetooth version is lower than the watch's / bracelet’s, they will 
not be able to pair; 
2. If the phone's Bluetooth version is equal to or higher than the watch's / bracelet’s, but is initially unable to pair, then you need to clear the Bluetooth connection history on the phone, scan and re-connect again. 

3. Q: The watch / bracelet icon shows that it has paired over Bluetooth, however the APP cannot sync data. How do I resolve this? 
A: Generally it is caused by the Bluetooth of the phone. Please close the APP first, restart the Bluetooth connection and re-pair the two devices. If the above step does not work, please restart your phone and try to pair the devices again. 

4. Q: Why does my watch / bracelet frequently lose connection with my phone? 
A: Please check if your phone or other security software has set the APP as a trusted APP or not. This is required to pair the two devices. If it hasn’t, please set it as trusted APP and try again. 

5. Q: Why am I unable to connect with the APP? 
A: Please making sure the OS of your phone is within the range that the smart watch / bracelet supports.

Customer Questions & Answers

  • By Bogdan Aug-19/2015 01:08:14

    hi, Will it work with Huawei a199 Android 4.1.2 ?

    Hi Bogdan, 
    The watch will work with Huawei a199 Android 4.1.2 .

  • By Niki Aug-12/2015 03:08:34

    I have an iphone 5C will it work with it?

    Thanks for your inquiry.This watch works with iphone 5C.

  • By Corneliu Jul-27/2015 04:07:19

    With Motorola Moto G2 -2014 and Lolipop i'ts work ? Thanks !

    This watch works with Motorola Moto G2.




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T & C

Warranty by PROTEGE 
•365days warranty upon manufacturing defect from date of receive.
•For warranty claims:
•STEP 1: EmailPROTEGE at and provide the following details: 
- Contact number
- Delivery address
- Purchase Order number
•STEP 2: Upon confirmation, a mailing address will be provided.
•STEP 3: Faulty products must be delivered in its original packaging (including accessories, manuals, and documentation) to protege
•Delivery costs for warranty claim / return / repair covered by customer. 
•Protege will cover delivery costs of replacement or repaired product to customer.
•Printed receipt will be required as proof of purchase.
•Warranty claims which do not fulfil the steps above will not be processed due to missing information.


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