An acute inflammation, which occurs due to that a negative pressure builds up in the middle ear. This occurs when there is a change in surrounding atmospheric pressure, e.g. in the cabin of an aircraft, particularly when descending. The characteristics of Barotitisare pain and temporary hearing impairment in the affected ear. Occasionally there may be vertigo and a hearing impairment of a more permanent nature. With OTOVENT® , equalizing the pressure is easy.   
The incidence of developing Barotitis is approximately 10% amongst adults and 20% in children. In a study published in 2004 it was established that 14% of 188 passengers experienced symptoms of Barotitis . This was reduced to 6% following inflation withOTOVENT®.
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  • No pain when Flying 
  • No pain when Diving 
  • Easy and safe to use 
  • Drug free therapy 
  • Effective and proven treatment 
  • Frequent treatment can be referred as "Fun" by children
  • Made in Sweden
  • Price is inclusive of GST


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