Ostania® Mangosteen Amrita is a great tasting beverage and formulated using the whole mangosteen fruit including puree and rind which is an excellent source of Xanthones, which can contribute to many beneficial effects to your health. True to being "the nectar of the gods", this beverage packed high in antioxidants which combine the goodness of mangosteen whole fruit, apple, roselle, acai berry, grape and pomegranate.


Our famous Mangosteen Amrita is now in a new reusable aluminum bottle and at a all time attractive price! 
(Previous known as Ostania® Mangosteen Concentrate)


Great taste with just 30 mL shots or 1:1 dilution with water/ice. (Best served chilled)

Export Grade, Sold in other countries such as New Zealand

Product Details

Who should take Ostania® Mangosteen Amrita?

Any age, Any gender, Anybody

Active athletic who always felt tired

Drink everyday as a vitality booster fighting aging problem

People who wants to have better digestion

People who wants to stay healthy


How does Ostania® Mangosteen Amrita work?

Antioxidant rich, standardize ORAC 14186.98 (National University Singapore).

Fights harmful free radicals responsible for aging and inflammation.

Stops fatigue and boosts recovery patients after chemo therapy during recovery phase or even athletes at a recovery phase.

Reduces inflammation.

Reduces harmful free radicals.

Improves bowel system and helps to reduce weight.


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