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*High in Calcium 高钙   *Non-GMO 非基因改造   *Rich in Omega -3 & 6  富含Omega -3 &6   *Lactose & Gluten Free 不含乳糖和麸质   *Non Dairy 非乳质奶品

New Essentials Great Day Organic Oatmilk contains a wealth of vitamin B, Calcium, Omega-3 &6. It also does not contain Cholesterol, lactose, gluten and any of the allergen usually present in cow milk. New Essentials Great Day Organic Oatmilk is the best alternative to daily milk and it is most suitable for vegetarian, vegans and people who are allergic to cow milk.

This delicious and healthy oat milk is good for everyone in your family for breakfast, snack or midnight snack. The complete nutrition value will be able to make it as a perfect health food for a balanced diet and improve your health naturally.

New Essentials Great Day Organic Oatmilk is ideal for:

* Vegan and Vegetarian

* People who suffer Heart & Blood Vessel Problem

* People who suffering from arteriosclerosis or lactose intolerance

* Cow milk or Soy Allergic Individual

* Children 12 months above to aged people.

New Essentials Great Day 有机燕麦,含有优质的蛋白质,Omega -3 & 6 脂肪,卵磷脂,钙,磷,铁及维生素B群,并含有水溶性纤维及ß-聚葡萄糖,其脂肪的含量为麦类中之首(相当于大米,白面的4倍),是您全家人早餐,点心,宵夜的最佳良伴。也是取代牛奶和羊奶等乳制品的最佳选择。

New Essentials Great Day 有机燕麦奶适合: 纯素食与素食者,患心脏和血管问题者,动脉硬化或乳糖不耐症者,对牛奶或大豆敏感者。老少(超过12个月大)咸宜。

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