The Origin of Quinoa 

Quinoa originates in the Andean region of Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile and Peru where it was domesticated by the Pre-Inca and Incan cultures for over 5,000 years ago for human consumption. Quinoa is a grain crop grown primarily for its edible seeds and it is closely related to species such as spinach.

The Protein Powerhouse 

Organic Keenwah Powder is an all in one natural protein that is recommended for both mom and child. It is also suitable for fitness advocates who need a boost of protein for the building of muscle mass or for recovery. Besides its richness in protein, it also contains high amount of minerals, good fats and natural vitamin. Organic Keenwah Powder is also completely gelatinised making it more soluble than regular Quinoa.

Quick Organic Keenwah Powder Facts

• The protein profile is comparable to Mother's Breast Milk
• Gelatinised Quinoa reflects a 4:1 ratio where 100g of Keenwah Powder is equivalent to 400g of Raw Quinoa
• Contains excellent amounts of
a. Organic easily absorbed minerals; Copper, Manganese, Iron
b. Significant Natural Vitamin with Co-Factor
• Good Balance of Fats
• Prebiotics content
• Significant Bio-actives

Product Details

Features & Benefits

Mothers & children (8 months and above)

• Organic Keenwah Powder gives a balance of nutrients (Protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals) that a mother need during her pregnancy. These nutrients in Organic Keenwah Powder will be able to encourage better development of their babies during pregnancy and post pregnancy especially while breastfeeding.

• The nutrient content in Organic Keenwah Powder benefits both mom and child in large way from eye and brain development to a healthier tummy. 

Fitness advocates

• Organic Keenwah Powder is an alternative supplement to fitness advocates due to its high content of protein and the availability of Ecdysteroids. Due to it being all natural with no additives, it serves as a safer and healthier option for those who wish to build up their fitness levels or muscle mass.

Senior adults

• The increase in age causes a natural decline resulting in weaker bones, loss of teeth and the slowing of nutrient absorption. The protein content and other nutrients in Organic Keenwah Powder are what senior adults need. Given that it is gelatinised, it makes absorption of these nutrients easier and more efficient. 

Vegetarian or Vegan

• There is a possibility vegan and vegetarians could have lower intake of protein and other nutrients as they rely soley on vegetable base diets. Organic Keenwah Powder would be a suitable supplement that ensures they get the right balance of nutrients.

Key Product Attributes
• All Organic and 100% instant.
• GMO Free
• Gluten Free
• Vegan and vegetarian friendly
• Organic Keenwah Powder is safe for children above 8 months old

Dosage/How To Use

Take 3 tablespoons two to three times a day with food of your choice. Mix, stir or shake until it becomes smooth.


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