Dosage: 2 tablets, 1-2 times a day

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pceden Goat Milk Tablet (120 chewable tablets x 500mg) HALAL CERTIFIED 
Mixed with Magnesium Lactate and Tricalcium Phosphate

Opceden goat milk is originally made from Holland goat's milk which is rich in calcium and protein.
Calcium aids in development of strong bones and teeth.
Magnesium promotes calcium absorption and retention.
Vitamin D is necessary for the absorption and utilization of calcium and phosphorus.
Protein helps in body tissues building and repairing, essential for growth and development.

Opceden® Natural and Therapeutic Supplements was established to serve the fast growing needs of the nutrition needs and complementary medicine industry.

Founded on a strong technical base and professional approach to health needs of the market, we combine the best of scientific and technical expertise of some of the industry’s best researched ingredients, and formulate a wide range of premium quality Health Care products.

Our commitment are quality, safety and efficacy. We pledge to the strictest Pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in manufacturing of our products.

Our manufacturers and packaging laboratory hold approved local and international licenses are are regularly audited to ensure that the codes of practice maintained to international standards.

We strive to bring the latest complementary healthcare concepts to our customers, providing them with the highest quality health products. We are passionately committed to our consumers, bringing them with the finest products from natural supplements to therapeutic supplements.

We continually encouraged feedback from customers and motivated by their high levels of satisfaction with our products. Our commitment to excellence has resulted in a growing demand for our products from overseas, and we are now exporting to Asian markets.

Health is wealth. We continue to pursuit the best innovations in natural health ingredients to assist
those seeking optimal health through the right dietary supplements

We concern for your health as ours and are determined to provide products that are based on sound
scientific information. Then, combine the pure, vital, researched ingredients of Mother Nature
sourced globally for the best of health!


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