办公室软件Word 2010 Level A1初级课程是由英国剑桥大学属下的国际考试局-牛津剑桥及皇家艺术协会(OCR)为学员精心设计的电脑资讯工艺职业教育课程。在培训过程中,学生将以”动手做”实践方式,学习和掌握基础技能包括如何开关个人电脑系统,认识电脑系统的主要组件名称和功能,了解电脑用户健康,安全和保安问题,了解Windows Desktop桌面, Mouse Pointer 滑鼠标特征和使用Windows Explorer档案管理软件创建(Create),管理和修订电子档案, 熟悉Office Word 2010软件的界面,资料输入和输出,以及文件管理功能。



完成课程后,学员将可继续报读办公室软件Word 2010 Level A2初级课程及报考OCR国际电脑资讯工艺专业文凭单元考试(File Management and e-Document Production)。

• 学员必须完成三个单元课程及考试,考获及格成绩,将可获得英国剑桥大学OCR国际资讯工艺专业证书资格。

• 学员必须完成五个单元课程及考试,考获及格成绩,将可获得英国剑桥大学OCR国际资讯工艺专业文凭资格。


OCR Office Word 2010 Level A1 Beginner is an information technology vocational education programme designed by Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations (OCR), an UK University of Cambridge International Examination Board to introduce participants to the basic competencies of startup or shutdown a personal computer system, recognize the main parts of a personal computer system, understand the health, safety and security issues, recognize the Windows desktop screen, mouse pointers, understand how windows system work, using file management software to create, manage and edit files stored in computer system, familiarity with the Office Word 2010 word-processing software screen layout, data input, output, document views and file operations.


Course Benefits :

• Participants who are completing this course will be able to progress to OCR office Word 2010 (Level A2) Beginner course and enroll the OCR Level 1 New CLAiT International Diploma for IT Users - Unit 1 File Management and e-Document Production Assessment.

• Participants who achieve three modular examinations will be awarded an OCR Level 1 New CLAiT International Certificate for IT Users.

• Participants who achieve five modular examinations will be awarded an OCR Level 1 New CLAiT International Diploma for IT Users.

Product Details

Who Should Attend

Secondary school students/leavers, SPM/STPM graduates who are planning to further study to higher education or seeking for jobs in business administration, sales & marketing, accounting, purchasing and customer services.



1 Day ( 9am to 5pm )



15th Feb or 22nd Feb 2015 ( Monday )



ACIM IT Professional Education

No. 6-2, Jalan 30A/119, Taman Taynton View, Cheras, 56000 Kuala Lumpur.

Website :


Course Outline

Module 1

Fundamentals - Recognize the Main Parts of a computer, Log on with a Password, Appreciate Health and Safety Issues, Recognize the Windows Desktop, Use the Mouse, Recognize Mouse Pointers, Use the Taskbar and Start Menu, Shut Down and Restart a Computer.


Module 2

Windows - Recognize Windows, Understand how Window Work, Open and Close Windows, Maximize/ Minimize/ Restore/ Resize/ Move Windows, Use Scroll Bars, Understand Dialog boxes and Change Basic settings.


Module 3

File Management - Understand the structure of Files and Folders on a Computer, Create/Move/Copy/Rename/Delete Files and Folders, Use the Recycle Bin and Print File Structure.


Module 4

Introduction to Word Processing - Start Microsoft Word, Recognize the screen layout and exit Microsoft word.


Module 5

Documents - Recognize the layout of keyboard, Enter Text, Save/Close/Create New/Open Documents and understand Document Views.


Learning Methodology

This is an instructor-lead, practical intensive and computer-based training conduct with a good blend of instructions, practical exercises and evaluation, and student self-assessment activities.



T & C

Terms and Conditions

Upon receiving sales order, a soft copy of course registration form together with sales order confirmation notification email will send to participant on next business day.


The course registration form must be received by email ( at least three (3) days working days prior to the commencement date of any courses.


The dates stated will be the confirmed dates of courses unless informed otherwise. ACIM Education reserves the right to reshuffle or reschedule any courses without penalty due to insufficient participants or any unforeseen circumstances.


The above prices are exclusive of Goods and Service Tax 6%.


Any last minutes unattended seats will be forfeited.



All payments shall be made payable to ACIM Education Logon E-commerce portal.

Admittance will only be permitted upon receipt of the full payment.


Promotion Price

The promotion is available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Promotional prices are only applicable to the dates determined by ACIM Education.

Any requests to change the registered training date are not allowed.


Cancellation and Postponement

Any defer/reschedule from the participant must be notified in writing to ACIM Education by email at least 7 days prior to the confirmed course.

If cancellation and postponement has been received:

  • More than seven (7) working days before the training, RM50 administrative charge shall be imposed.
  • Three (3) to seven (7) working days before the training, 50% of the total fees will be chargeable.
  • Less than three (3) working days before the training, 100% of total fees will be chargeable, replacement of participants is allowed and will off-set the cancellation and postponement charges.

For more information, please call or WhatsApp 6012-3033484.




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