OCOO is an exclusive health food maker for home use that been modernized the caldron double boiling method are being used by our ancestors to prepare herbal medicine or health food. As on 112°C or hotter steam are being flow inside the germanium pot in convection current to heat up the ceramic pot, and the fair-infrared ray being heat and generate up from the pot to heat up the moisture are being contained in the food for itself to cook the food. This is a new and advanced cooker for 21st century.

Product Name : OCOO Double Boiler
Safety Certification No. : HH07584-9004E
Rated Voltage : AC240V / 60Hz
Rated Operating Power : 800W
Maximum Capacity : 4L
Maximum Operating Pressure : 0.8Kgf/cm2(약 78.5kpa)
Size : 380 * 360 * 400mm

Product Details

1. It is iron pot's double boiler cook function which can make more than 100 health foods by contribute man's promotion of health.

Roasting, frying with oil, boiling and steaming are handly cooking methods but when deal with health they will become problematic. When roasted or fried, the inner portion (meat, fish) does not get well like outer portion, which can cause carcinogen. When boiled or steamed, the water often spoils the taste. But with automatically by pressure the double boiler Ocoo, it has to prevents the direct contact of fire, oil, water and steam during the cooking process. And the far infrared rays' in the double boiler are heat up the cooks for food preserving at it is the most natural taste. That is how healthy food been serve and done.

2. The high maximized power saving product with high thermal efficiency that predominates the economic feasibility. It has a steam air tight function with the heated steam does not flow out.

The general pressure cookers discharge steam with a pressuring weight and steam vanish through out the air, by automatically pressure double boiler-Ocoo, when the internal temperature reach 116°C (approx. 80kpa) it will turns OFF automatically, and make the pressure weight for not letting the steaming come out. When the internal temperature reach about 112°C (approx. 60kpa) it will automatically turn ON again. This process is repeated automatically over and over again until the food is being ready. This key point is to prevent the steam being flow out.

As an result, the cooking time is being reduced due to its outstanding the thermal efficiency, when compared with the general pressure cookers, is really deals with economical efficiency.

What is Ocoo2

3. It is environmental because been tightly sealed and does not make any smell, and herbs can be decoct comfortably.

It is environmental because been tightly sealed and does not make any smell, and herbs can be decoct comfortably. It  will occurs the problem too when food is cooked and the steam containing the flavour and nutrition smell and pollute the environment. In general when cooking time, steaming will takes the place after heating up at a temperature higher than 100°C and will flow out, but being mentioned before the automatic pressure double boiler-Ocoo prevent the steam flow out, and the smell as well. (Only when ripe black garlic smell unable to kept out, as due to its particular properly)

Some pots are being used to decoct herbs but unable to apply the normal double boiler method or the air tight technique in order to prevent smell. Some of the herbs are decoct at low temperature, at less than 95°C, and the steam either will be water cooled or air cooled. Since it is maintain at low temperature, the decoct may takes a time, from 18 to 72 hours. Speculations around the heating at temperature higher than 100°C might cause damage on the saponin and may effect the medical, but some are prove too obstinate opinions without evidence. On the contrary oriental medicine clinic, by herb medicines, health food enterprises and pharmacy enterprises this pressuring double boiler is being used to heat up at temperature higher than 100°C to extract the essential medical ingredients. And it takes less and a time to cook with an pressure cooker than general rice cooker which able to give a rich and smooth taste.

This results may damage partial vitamins when heated at temperature greater than 100°C, but more important is proof that the most essential ingredients are still stay in the right place when being cooked.

4. It have a special quality that able to make an concentrated food (concentrated solutions of various food, herb medicine, beef soup, and etc). It will not been burn out even when kept for long at temperature higher than 112°C.

When cooking with gas, tree, charcoal or electrical heater is being used to heat up as may fast as possible, when cause food burning it need to be aware on the heating time. But automatically the pressure double boiler-Ocoo are does not heat directly, it will boil the water with electrical heat and it steam and wrap up the container and this will never cause any food burning. Therefore it is not necessary to stir up to prevent burning and it is to be safe for leaving for cooking on long time. For baby food (soup, porridge) concentrated solution of various food, herb medicine, beef soup, and etc can be done with easily. It will be hard on rigid fibroid grains like brown rice, barley corn, oat, red beans and mung beans and will be turn into mild with sufficient cooking time.

5. The double boiler container is being made by germanium pottery and emits the far infrared rays' heat, and preserve nutrition with making healthy food to be serve.

What is Ocoo5

6. The product's function are automated by micro computer which included an speaking function. It will more comfortable and easy to using.

  • Users can choose by pressing a button as show as cooking temperature, time, heat insulation, and etc. Everything is control automatically by the micro computer with voice function informing on the cooking state select with a simple button only.
  • It has been structure in easy to be used, and it simple on washing methods are easy to understand.
  • Safety function is automated by 8 levels, especially design for careless users where safety mode are turns on automatically just in case happening.

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