• A beautiful set of Ocean 'Sip' Wine Glasses
  • Best used for red wines, but suitable for all wines in general
  • Available in a 6-piece set
  • Made of crystal glass
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Enhances your wine tasting experience

Product Details

The shape, size and quality of a wine glass are important when enjoying a nice bottle of wine.  This is because the flavours can change dramatically depending on the glass you use. Tulip-shaped wine glasses have a wide bottom and a narrower, thinner rim. This is important in order for the wine to release aromas when swirled, and concentrate them on top.


The thickness is also an important factor. The thinner it is, the more you will get from your wines. But it can become tricky when it’s time to wash them! These crystal glasses are a perfect example of great value and great quality. And they’re dishwasher-safe too!


The shape makes a difference depending which grape varieties you are enjoying.  Light aromatic grapes (like Sauvignon Blanc or Riesling) show the best in a thinner shape, while grapes like Chardonnay or Pinot Noir express the best with wide open glasses.  However, if you do not want to have a huge collection of crystal glasses at home, choose a series of good, standard sized glasses that are not too small which you can use for any wine, like this Bordeaux crystal glass wine set.


This Bordeaux set of crystal glasses are a perfect companion for wine lovers. If you love more reds, this is the perfect set to have. But don’t worry, you can also use these for white wines and rose wines!

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