• Enhance baby's head development
  • Feel cool and comfortable while sleeping, help to reduce risk of fever and heat
  • Washable. do not leave any bad smells thus more hygiene
  • 100% prevent dust mites and bacteria, prevention of sensitive nose and asthma problem
  • Improve sleep quality, promote healthy living
  • Suitable for infant to 2 years old child
  • Double sided pillowcase - 1 layer for normal use, double layer for colder climate



    The pillow has a layer of polyester fiber supported by a five-quart capacity water base. The quantity of water inside can be adjusted to customize loft and firmness. 


    Cooling water pillows are those which have a foam layer which is saturated with water which helps to dissapate heat. These can be useful for those who suffer from hot flushes, night sweats or otherwise get too warm at night. OCA Aqua pillow does not need refridgeration.


    OCA Aqua pillow claim to have superior comfort and pain relieving properties thanks to the user-filled water pouch which supports a more normal polyester microfibre layer which floats on top. And it weight is much lighter compare with other brand water pillow.


    OCA Aqua pillows are adjustable in height by changing the amount of air inside the air chamber layer of the pillow


    Cutomisable support, height and firmness, shapes itself to contours, offers good pain relief, especially for back and neck pain, offers cooling.


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