Rich in Calcium, Soluble Fiber, Omega-3

Suitable for all age groups. Not suitable for baby under 12 months. 适合所有年龄阶层。不适合十二个月以下的婴儿。

Oatsoy Pro Organic Oatmilk is a nutritions healthy food, it is rich in Calcium, aiding the development of strong bones and teeth. This product consists of oat soluble fiber (Beta-glucan) which helps to reduce cholesterol and improve your body metabolism, lesson pressure, reduce fat. It is a perfect calcium rich food. This product contains high nutritional value to supply you energy as well as wide range of vitamins and minerals.

大豆有机燕麦奶含有丰富的钙质,能帮助健康的骨骼和健康的牙齿成长。有机燕麦含有可溶性纤维(ß- 葡聚糖),可降低胆固醇,改善血液循环,缓解生活工作压力,预防骨骼疏松,促进伤口愈合,消除多余脂肪,是最佳补钙品。此产品富含价值高的营养素,提供您能量之余也补充一系列的维生素和矿物质。



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