Traditionally used for general health maintenance.

Each Tablet Contains:
Cordyceps Sinensis Extract - 300mg

1-2 tablets (2-3 times a day)

Keep in cool dry place. Keep out of reach of children. This is a traditional supplement.

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Product Details

*Ultrafine powder (800 Mesh Fineness) which contains both mycelium & fruit body, tablet form (fast absorption)

Oasis Cordyceps Tablet is made of 100% high quality cultivated Cordyceps sinensis. By extracting the most active constituents from both the mycelium and fruit body, and combining them with the superfine powder (800 mesh finenesses) of the fruit bodies, the superior medicinal value is not only preserved but further enhanced. This high-tech process has made the value of cultivated species many times higher than the wild species. For convenience as well as making it easier for the body absorption, Oasis Cordyceps is made into small palatable tablets. Oasis Cordyceps Tablet contains higher nutritional and medicinal value, very reasonably priced, hygienic and safe to consume.

Cordyceps sinensis was traditionally used by Traditional Chinese Medicine for benefiting the heart and the lungs, boosting energy, and anti-ageing purposes. Modern science verifies these benefits and at the same time discovered that it possesses an astonishing function called “Bi-Directional Modulating Function” which can assist the human body to modulate imbalances in various organs and systems.

Indications of health efficacies of Cordyceps sinensis are obvious in:

Allergic rhinitis
Chronic cough
Bronchitis, asthma
Reducing severity of nocturia
Decreased se x drive/irregular menstruation
Weakened immunity due to menopause
Resisting respiratory problems
Neutralizing side effects caused by radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
Strengthening the immune system to help the body resist and withstand attacks from virus and bacteria
Regulating abnormal wakefulness and other sleep problems at night and thus improves sleep quality
Increasing vitality and stamina
Promoting anti-aging effects, alleviating fatigue, and promoting skin health


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