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Noontec Zoro have 5 color : Black, White, Red, Silver, Blue

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Fashion Hi-Fi Headphone
Restore soul of music

Color is a personality.
Color is a personality, a mood, an attitude, a lot of the same point in different.
Good Sound Comes From

The Advanced Technology.
(SCCB:surrond closed cavity body)

Good Sound Comes From the Excellent Speaker.
NOONTEC ZORO built a pair of 40mm speaker, the speaker made from neodymium, and other special materials together. This allows NOONTEC ZORO output wonderful sound.

High-quality Sound Coil Guarantee Excellent Sound.
High purity oxygen-free copper sound coil, combined SCCB technology, which ensures NOONTEC ZORO tri-band sound performance very balanced.

Good Sound Comes from Professional tune.
To sacrifice the most authentic sound, NOONTEC ZORO experienced two years, thousands of times professional tune.

Over One Million People Witnessed The Quality.
NOONTEC ZORO has sales in 56 countries,more than one million people worldwide witnessed its superior quality

As a stylish headphone, portability is important!
NOONTEC ZORO uses foldable design, small size when folded, fits easily into your luggage.

Good headphones need to be comfortable wearing.
NOONTEC ZORO ear muffs sewn by hand, using protein cotton material, that is comfortable and breathable and wont instigate skin
allergies through long term usage.

Good headphones must be user-friendly design.
NOONTEC ZORO is designed with adjustable headband,that is flexible and adjustable with memory scale to ensure each head shape is suited with the best possible fit.

Good headphones need to be quiet and comfortable.
NOONTEC ZORO bi-directional adaptive ear muffs enhance good noise cancellation and comfortable long-wearing.

Good headphones should be durable.
In order to make the product durable, foldable parts of NOONTEC ZORO are made of stainless steel reinforcement, but after a million times life testing.

Good headphones should look new even after long term use.
NOONTEC ZORO with coating on piano paint, scratch resistant,makes it still look new after long term use.

Ensure good sound quality, cable must be good enough.
In order to ensure good sound quality, NOONTEC ZORO audio cable using pluggable design, 24K gold-plated connectors, impedance, low loss, reliable connection.

Good Headphone cable ensure good durability.
NOONTEC ZORO material with high elastic TPE flat cable, no wrinkles, no tie, not easily damaged.

T & C

1 year Manufacturer Warranty, Return to seller


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