NICE FEEL have 2 flavor
Blue box ~vegetables flavor
Oren box~oren flavo
Nice Feel is specially formulated with the following ingredients ~
heart Dietary Fibre :Absorbs water and expands .Extend the digestive wasters and longer stay in the stomach .Creates sense of satiation ,increase the absorption of nutrients ,and prevents obesity .
heart Psyllium Husk :Helps softens digestive wasters ,maintains the normal internal pressure of intestines,smoothens excretion of wasters,and prevents constipation .
heart Bifidobacterium Longum :Cleanses the guts and enhances immunity.
heart Spirulina :Contains dietary fibre & protein ,improves the digestive-absorptive function of the guts .Effective for gut cleansing
Effects after the consumption of Nice Feel ~
After 1-7 days :
1.Increased stools .The impacted fecal stools are eliminated (black&foul)
2.Guts feel slightly uncomfortable ,frequent farting .
3.Stools floating on the surface .Looks yellowish brown .
After 7-20 days :
1.Bowel movement back to normal .Less toxin in blood ,tissues and organs .More oxygen in body,feeling more revitalized .
2.Cleanses the blood .Toxin level reduced considerably ,skin looks more radiant and beautiful .
3.Reduces water content in the intestines .Cuts down the toxins resulted from water fecal mixture for a long time .
After more than 20 days :
1.Toxins will be removed .
2.Effective in improving & preventing various diseases of civilization & chronic disease , promotes health ,youthfulness & beauty ,enhanced immunity .
3.Eliminates toxin from body ,improve constitution and relieves symptoms of related diseases.
(Depend on individual body condition)
Directions ~
Recommended use:
2 sachets daily .Pour in 250ml of cold water .Stir well and drink .Adults may consume one sachets 20 minutes before meals every morning and night on empty stomach .
Remain direction of using Nice Feel .
1 sachets daily ,maintains our intestine in healthy conditions .
Mix with soya milk ,fruit juice ,vegetables juice ,honey or your favourite beverage for better taste.
Drink plenty of water (3000cc) after consumption for enhanced benefit .
storage :Avoid direct sunlight .Store in a cool dry place .
Contraindication :Pregnant women ang those with sympyoms such as vomiting ,stomach ache and rectal bleeding should consult doctors before consumption .
2 Major Benefits yes
*Relieves constipation ,effective in 5 days !
*Reduces big belly ,effective in 20 days !
3 Major Benefits yes
*Cleanses the intestines !
*Loses weight effectively !
*Increase good bacteria in the guts !


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