Dialysis machine, although fairly expensive, is quite popular among the rich in America. They are aware that healthy kidneys contribute to less disease, anti-aging and longevity. NewCo Yang Shen Cha detoxifies and nourishes the kidneys naturally without any side effects and adverse reactions. That is why the kidney tea is such popular in America.

透析机,虽然相当昂贵,但在美国富人当中相当流行。他们都知肾脏的健康可以减少疾病、 抗衰老和长寿。Newco 养肾茶解毒和滋养肾脏,不含任何副作用和不良反应。这就是为何肾茶在美国是这么的流行。

Suitable for:

-Stone forming patients e.g.kidmey stones, bladder sones, urinary stones and ureteral stones. - Those suffering from urinary bladder inflammation, poor urinary steream, urinary infection and cystitis. - Increasing renal blood flow, regulating adrenal hormones and promoting renal recovery in the diabetics. - Those who are sub-healthy and desire for kidney, bladder and urinary heatlh through regular kidney detox and urinary tract cleansing. - Those with voiding dysfunction e.g.frequent urinary urgency, dysuria, urinary endless, bladder weakness, urinary wait, abnormal smell and/ or color of the urine and proteinuria. - Those suffering from acute and chroinc nephritis, prostatitis, cystitis, urinary tract infections, hair loss, gout, renal edema and uremia for cleansing and invigoration the kidneys.

结石患者如 :肾结石、 尿道结石、 输尿管结石。







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Packing form:

15 Sachets x 2g


15 包 x 2 克


Folium Orthosiphon aristatus, folium Psidium guajava, herba Plantago major, herba Medicago sativa, green tea, radixGlyeyrrhiza glabra, folium Mori, stevia leaf, folium llex paraguariensis and folim Aspalathus linearis.

猫须茶、 番石榴叶、 车前草、 紫花苜蓿、 绿茶、甘草、 桑叶、 甜叶菊、 马黛叶和南非歪豆叶。

Recommended Dosage:

1 - 2 tea bag(s) per day



Direction of Use:

Pour boiled water into a cup over 1 or 2 tea bag(s) and allow the tea to steep for 15 minutes before drinking. The same tea bag can be used for several servings.


将茶袋置入茶杯内, 倒进刚沸的热水, 盖严杯盖, 浸泡15分钟左右就可以饮用, 可反复加入沸水浸泡多次, 直至无味。

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