Is a natural synergistic blend containing quality cow's colostrum from New Zealand and probiotics. This combination creates a product intended for enhancing immune and gastrointestinal health as well as for general wellness. Colostrum and probiotics work synergistically through different mechanisms. The former supplies essential nutrients and multiple antibodies required by the body to rebuild immune strength while the latter regulates intestinal flora so as to enhance body resistance and improve gastrointestinal disorders, such as diarrhea, constipation, poor digestion and lactose intolerance.

In addition, colostrum also encourages probiotic growth and inhibits the propagation of harmful bacteria, preventing pathogens and toxins in the gastrointestinal tract from entering our body. Therefore, the combination of both is more comprehensively in promoting overall optimum health. On the other hand, the immune-modulating efficacy of NewCo IgG Plus is further enhanced by fortification of proline-rich polypeptides (PRPs), which serve as a powerful immune regulator to stimulate a weak immune system or balance an overactive one.


NEWCO IGG PRO 牛初乳粉是来自纽西兰无污染环境所牧羊的母牛初生产的牛奶,含有非常丰富和独特的营养价值,如:免疫因子、生长因子、免疫球蛋白G、蛋白质、钙质、维生素和微量元素等。特别是免疫因子和生长因子的协同效应非常有助于促进调节免疫系统、新陈代谢、修复组织和伤口愈合的功效,以减少伤口的疤痕,也有效的提升抵抗力,于预防和减轻疾病的功能


NEWCO IGG PRO牛初乳粉含有人体所需的益生菌,能促进消化系统功能,排出肠道及体内毒素,以维持人体肠道健康,达至无毒一身轻,精神爽的功效。此天然营养食品,适合各个年龄层的人食用。对小孩有促进骨骼发育和成长的功效,辅助孩子对细菌病毒的抵抗力,对体弱或容易伤风感冒的孩童有明显的帮助和改善。对轻年人能够维持最佳健康状态,活力充沛的水平,使肌肤健康靓丽,延缓衰老的迹象。对长者有提升免疫力的明显效果,特别是免疫力、心脏、关节衰弱者有更大的帮助。此产品能提升睡眠素质,舒缓疲劳,长期服用能维持更佳的健康水平。

Product Details

Packing form:

15 Sachets x 15g


15包 X 15毫克


Skim colostrum milk powder, probiotics and proline-rich polypeptides (PRP).


脱脂牛初乳奶粉、 益生菌、 富含脯氨酸的多肽 (PRP)。

Recommended Dosage:

Children (2 - 12 years old): 1 sachet per day.

Adult: 1 - 2 sachet(s) per day.


儿童 (2-12 岁): 1 包,每一天。

成人: 每天 1-2 包。

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