Excessive consumption of processed foods, meat and other acidic foods turns the body into acidic, encouraging the growth of bacteria and virus as well as the development of cancer. A healthy body condition is slightly alkaline at about pH 7.4. Regular consumption of the common refined salt increases the body acidity while the sea salt, although relatively healthy, may contain toxin substances due to sea contamination. The bamboo salt, however, contains nutrients and minerals absorbed from the clay and bamboo while has toxic substances amd harmful heavy metals eliminated during the repeated process of roasting for 9 times. Its richness in trace elements not only provides a variety of minerals and nutrients to the body, but also promotes metabolism. Therefore, the bamboo salt is the best choice for us to nourish our bodies for healthy living!


长期食用加工食品、 肉类和其他酸性食物使身体转变成酸性体质,促使细菌和病毒的生长以及癌症的发展。一个健康的身体条件是弱碱性,ph 值 7.4。经常食用常见的精制盐,甚至海盐也属酸性,虽然海盐比较健康,也可能含有毒素物质由于海洋的污染。 竹盐是经过重复 9 次焙烧过程中,把有害重金属以高热炼净,因此含有丰富的微量元素和多种矿物质和营养物质,能促进身体的新陈代谢。因此,竹盐是我们来滋养我们的身体的健康食品。


NEWCO BAMBOO SALT 能有助于平衡身体的 ph 值,作为消除自由基的抗氧化剂。也能消除令人不愉快的气味和提高食品的风味。它富含矿物质,如钾、 铜、 钙、 铁、 硒,拥有高能量红红属性,有助于减轻斑块的血管和改善健康。也有效中和食品中的毒素如:重金属、 农药残留和细菌,也能消除导致高血压和其他疾病的含氯元素


- Balance the body pH and restore your health. - Act as antioxidants that eliminate free radicals. - Eliminate unpleasant odor and enhance the flavour of food. - Rich in minerals such as potassium,copper, calcium, iron, selenium etc. - Possess high energy infared red property that helps clear plaque in the blood vessels and improve health. - Effectively neutralize the toxin in food eg. heavy metals, pesticide residues and bacteria and eliminate chloride-containing elements that cause hypertension and other diseases.



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Bamboo salt.



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As a substitue for common salt; add a little bamboo salt into beverages or spread over food like salad for flavour enhancing.



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