Youthful Miracle !!!
青春不老的奇迹 !!!

Bio Tech Nature White Perfect Stem Cell is a plants stem combination by using Switzerland plants stem cell technology - Malus Domestica ( Apple Stem Cell ) and Solar Vitis ( Grape Stem Cell ), enrich with Collagen, Acai Berry, Seaweed Extract, Beta Glucan, Stevia and Blueberry to nourich your skin form, provide you with a significant result. Definitely, Bio Tech Nature White Perfect Stem Cell allows you to control your own beauty and health.

Benefits of Product :
Repair and activate Cells.
Improve physical fitness.
Increase longevity.
Improve skin hydration and reverse-ageing.
Improve body defense system.
Delay bone and joint pain.


Bio Tech完美干细胞是使用瑞士植物干细胞技术的结合- ( 苹果干细胞 ) 和 ( 葡萄干细胞 ), 再加上胶原蛋白、 巴西莓、 海藻精华、 葡聚多醣体、 甜菊叶和蓝莓所含的丰富营养。 除了对皮肤层有滋养外,还能提供一个显越的健康效果, 以达到修复及活化体内的细胞, 强身健体,延年益寿。 Bio Tech完美干细胞肯定可以让你掌握自己的美丽与健康,更可以让你改变自己的生活和财富。

Product Details


Malus Domestica ( Apple Stem Cell )
Malus Domestica is a liposomal active ingredient based on stem cell from the Uttwiler Spatlauber apple. It is an old swiss variety, which is very rare today. Stem cells from the Uttwiler Spatlauber apple a said to protect skin cell regeneration and so delay the onset of wrinkles. The Discovery was made by a swiss company.
Solar Vitis ( Grape Stem Cell )
Solar Vitis is based on stem cells from the Gamey Teinturier Freaux grape – a grape from Burgundy, which is characterized by an extremely high content of polyphenols for UV protection. Solar Vitis increases the vitality and efficiency of all essential skin cells and improves the skin’s resistance keeping the skin’s appearance young and beautiful longer.
Acai Berry
Touted as the “ Beauty Berry ” from the Amazon, Acai Berry is packed with so many compounds that make the body feel and look amazing from the inside out, it is provides more antioxidants than most berries, it has 5 times the  antioxidants of gingko and 33 times the antioxidants of red wine. This tiny berry also loaded with Omega Fatty Acids, Amino Acids, naturally occurring minerals as well as Vitamin A, B1 and E.
Blueberry is a wonderful fruit full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Its health benefits are amazingly beneficial in reducing fats, chomping down on free radiacals, combating negative metabolic issues and promoting improved insulin levels. It is also contain Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Iron, Calcium, Manganese, Zinc, Phosphorus and Selenium.
Peptan Collagen
Peptan collagen is a 100% natural pure bioactive protein, used worldwide, it has been scientifically found to improve overall joint mobility, bone structure and the natural beauty of skin. Traditional Asian culture recognizes collagen peptan as a potent ingredient for skin beauty.   

Seaweed Extract
Seaweed is the common name for “ countless species of marine plants and algae ” that grow in the ocean. People who seek natural remedies to ailments also use seaweed as plant of skin care regimens, it also rich in vitamin and minerals, it can be eaten or applied directly to the skin as a strengthening agent and exfoliant.
Beta Glucan
Beta Glucan is a soluble fiber derived from the cell walls of algae, bacteria, fungi, yeasts and plants, it is commonly used for its cholesterol-lowering effects. Beta Glucans have also been used to treat diabetes and for weight loss.
Stevia is a sweetener and sugar substitute made from the leaves of the plant species stevia rebaudiana. Stevia’s taste has a slower onset and longer duration than that of sugar, it has attracted attention with the rise in demand for low-carbohydrate, low sugar sweeteners. Because stevia has a negligible effect on blood glucose it is attractive to people on carbohydrate-controlled diets.  

苹果干细胞是一种来自瑞士名叫Uttwiler Spatlauber苹果品种内的脂质活性成份。 这是一种古老的瑞士品种, 非常的罕见。 源自于这种瑞士品种显示, 他拥有保护皮肤细胞再生和延迟皱皮的功效,它是被一家来自瑞士的生物科技公司所发现。
葡萄干细胞是以加迈葡萄干细胞为基础的活性成份。 其特点是具有抵抗紫外线的多酚含量极高。葡萄干细胞能增加所有必要的皮肤细胞的活力和效率,还有抵抗力,延长肌肤细胞的活力,让肌肤呈现更持久的年轻漂亮。
巴西莓在亚马逊素有“ 养颜浆果 ”的美誉,巴西莓含有丰富的化合物是人体从内而外的感到惊人疗法,它所提供的抗氧化功能比其它浆果更胜一筹。 它的抗氧化合物含量是银杏的5倍,也比红酒所含的抗氧化合物多33倍。除此之外, 他还含有丰富的奥米加脂肪酸、 氨基酸、 蛋白质、矿物质和维他命A,B1和E。
蓝莓是种含有丰富的维生素, 矿物质和抗氧化剂的神奇水果。 它的健康效益是减少脂肪, 对抗自由基, 打击负面代谢问题和促进提高胰岛素水平。 蓝莓还含有维他命A、 维生素E、 铁、 钙、锰、锌、磷和锡。
Peptan胶原蛋白是100%的纯天然生物活性的蛋白质, 已被世界广泛使用, 它已经被科学发现能有效的改善整体的关节活动,骨骼结构和皮肤的自然之美在亚洲传统文化它已被认为可作为美肤的有效成分。
海藻精华是 “无数种海洋植物和藻类” 生长在海洋中的通用名称。 人类寻求自然疗法的疾病也使用海藻精华作为皮肤护理方案的一部份。 它含有丰富的维生素和矿物质, 它可以生吃或直接涂在皮肤上作为加强剂和去角质。
葡聚多醣体是一种藻类、菌类、真菌、 酵母和植物细胞壁来源的可溶性纤维。它通常用于降低胆固醇的作用, 葡聚多醣体也被用于治疗糖尿病和减肥。

甜叶菊是种甜味剂和糖的代替品,他是从植物甜叶菊的叶子提炼制成。甜叶菊的甜味比糖,起效比较慢且特续时间更耐久, 他已引起人们的重视与提升低碳水化合物和低糖味剂的需求。 因为甜味菊对人体血糖的影响是有效的减少和控制人体过量的碳水化合物及饮食需求。

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