Pumpkin Vinegar 营养极品 南瓜醋

Benefits: Pumpkin vinegar contains many amino acids, vitamins, trace elements and rich enzymes that can promote cell regeneration, regulating immunity, especially for men to prevent prostate enlargement, the diuretic to help enhance renal function, prevention of hair loss. Pumpkin Vinegar is really the kind of excellent health care product for men.

南瓜含有精氨酸,天门冬素,维生素F,矿物质如钾,钙,镁,磷等,ß - 胡萝卜素,黄体素酚等;其中也含有丰富的果胶和微量元素钴,可延缓肠道对糖和脂肪的吸收。


1 or 2 Tablespoons of Luyin Vinegar @ 15~30ml each, ideally once or twice per day after meal time. Dilute with 250~300ml of filtered water (temperature should not exceed 45ºC)

1或2茶匙的绿茵好醋 @ 15~20毫升,每天饭后一至两次饮用。加入250~300毫升的过滤水后,方可饮用(水温不超过45摄氏度)


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