• Natural & healthy cooking experience
  • Elimination or reduction of oils/butter/margarine used for preparing a particular dish
  • Prevent the onset of various ailments caused by chemicals found in non-stick pots and pans
  • Die cast marble coated aluminium cookware
  • The coating is made with XYNFLON (FDA compliant) non-stick coating
  • The coating is PFOA-free, durable and long lasting cookware
  • Anti-slip ergonomic handle (heat insulation)
  • "Fast, Equal and Heat Store" features enhance energy saving and reduce cooking time



Sure, we take time to choose organic and to avoid chemical food additives when we can, but these aren’t the only toxins that can be present in our food. Our cookware may also be contributing to our toxic state. Think about it, you want to cook with your pots and pans, but you don’t want to eat them! And unfortunately, most modern cookware leaches toxins right into the food we’re eating. So that’s not just an omelet you’re tasting–you could be munching on some not so nourishing aluminum. The leaching issue is a big one.

Several organic and natural product enthusiasts have started to use marble cookware for cooking due to the increased health concerns arising from the use of nonstick cookware. Using marble cookware prevents the onset of various ailments caused by chemicals found in nonstick pots and pans.

Marble cookware is naturally non-stick, which helps in the elimination or reduction of oils or butter or margarine used for preparing a particular dish. In short, using marble cookware in your kitchen ensures you a healthy and perfect cooking experience.

Benefits of Marble Cookware

In recent years, consumers have become increasingly concerned about the health effects of using other non-stick surfaces that are made from chemicals. One study indicates that overheating cookware coated with other, man-made surfaces can create toxic fumes that may cause long-term health effects in humans. Further, users of marble cookware extol its fast and even heating and natural nonstick properties that virtually eliminate the need for butter or oils that add fat to food.


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