您的名字和生命数字一直影響您的運勢.  Personalized Jewelry - Name necklaces.   After you'd place the order, email us your personalized name to: .

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Each piece of these name necklace or personalized jewelry is custom made by our skillful designers and goldsmiths who have more than 20 years of personalized jewelry making experience. More important, we are offering them in such a very affordable price. Retail or wholesale is welcome.

To insert an icon:

just key in the icon at the position where you want to insert the icon. For example, "Audrey<16>" will be made with a crown on the right hand side of the name "Audrey". 

"Peipei<12>" will be made with a double love icon on the right of the name "Peipei". If you do not need any icon, just key in the name will do:)

To insert numbers:

To put your own lucky number, just key in the number you wish. For example, "Audrey16" will be made with number 16 (instead of a crown icon) on the right hand side of your name.

Product Details


Names and numbers (birth date) allow us to have a pre-cognitive approach (a forecast) of what will happen in the future. This methodology is said to determine the behavioural pattern of a person’s character, sub-conscious mind and external personality. The names and combination of numbers is to enhance an individual’s state of mental well-being and positive thinking.  Products based on names and numbers have become a mega-trend nowadays, and everyone wants to take part in the world of names and numbers, which bring energy, good luck, and fortune. The real charm of these products, however, is in the wisdom they transmit.

Pythagoras, the Father of Modern Mathematics, who once said, “The world is built upon the power of numbers. The entire universe is composed of mathematical patterns and all things can be expressed in numbers, which correspond to universal vibrations. These numbers determine our personalities, shape our future and create opportunities for the individual.”

Custom make personalized jewelry doesn’t has to be expensive.

美国HBO最受欢迎的电视片集《欲望城市》》)里的女主角之一的Carrie 掀起 name necklace(名字项链)的风潮,首次登场,更发挥她的时装影响力,顿时掀起了一股名字项链.。由她掀起 潮的名字, 项链多次配搭各种风装,示范了它的可搭性有多强。电视连连续剧<奋斗>中女主角夏琳多次佩带名字项链出场,张显出了一种雍容大方,各性魅力,受到了很多年轻人的追棒。现在很多明星都拥有自己的名字项链,明星代表有国歌手“Rain”“Se7en”话组,香港智斌,日本月坛天后安室内美惠崎步“Makiyo”,台湾歌手蔡依林“SHE”,美国歌手小甜甜布兰妮碧昂丝麦当娜等等。

HBO’S SAC has emerged as television’s most stylish show. Personalized jewelry in the form of nameplate necklaces have appeared between the collarbones of fashion divas from coast to coast and the number of Fendi baguette bags seen dangling from elbows. But its not just Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda who are trendsetters: The women who portray them have been getting attention for their offscreen styles as well. In fact, each actress’s real-life wardrobe bear a striking resemblance to what she wears onscreen. The similarities make us wonder whether life is imitating art or vice versa. Only their stylists know for sure。

Nothing is so special than wearing or gifting a necklace which has been personalized with your own name. Think of the entire name of YOURS is handcrafted on the sterling silver with option of gold plating. This is what the current Hollywood fashion trend is.

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Delivery Time

For delivery within Malaysia, it takes 9 working days to receive your item. 
For overseas delivery, it will take approximately 19 working days depending on countries.

Refunds and Exchanges

THIS IS A PERSONALIZED ORDER, Made specially for you. Please make sure you spell your name or initials right and it the correct order, each order is personalized, and it cannot be re sold.Please ensure all information given is accurate. No refunds or exchanges are possible due to misspellings or wrong information since it is specially designed for you and cannot be resaled.


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