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Bootilicious Secret

Enhance your curves instantly!

Celebrities have carefully kept their secrets to a perfect booty for many years…  Well now, the secret out!! -  MyMagicButt padded panties. MyMagicButt padded panties works wonders to enhance and help you achieve the perfect sexy butt you've always wanted, instantly! You don't have to go for surgery or spend hours in the gym. Just slip on these comfy padded panty and transform your favourite jeans, from FLAT to FABULOUS in seconds only with MyMagicButt padded panties.

MyMagicButt molded padded panty has special built-in (sewn-in) foam padding within the panty itself. This breakthrough design keeps its shape in place- no more horrible butt pads slipping out of place! MyMagicButt has been designed to look 100% natural and works great to boost your overall figure, and confidence. Features ½ inch thick padded pants. 90% polyester, 10% spandex.


Photo credits to Booty pop

 Bootilicious videos:
Kelly Ripa wearing butt padded underwear!

Bootilicious live on the streets:

Note: the above videos are for illustration purposes only and demonstrates the usage of Butt padded panty on Kelly Ripa, a celeb in US and general public on the streets. While the brand may be different, the concept and design of the butt undergarment is the same. Our magic 3D butt panty is the latest design using moulded design techonolgy for natural curves, for sexier fuller butt. It is better than the pad insertion ones as seen in most other brands as the pad inserts version may have problems whereby one of the pad is higher than the other.etc


Model is wearin Size S
Thanks to Cynthia for loaning us the lovely batik!


Size: Available in S size (jeans size 25-27) and M size (jeans size 28-30)

Color: NUDE or BLACK

Material: Polyester

Feature: Moulded High quality foam buttocks

Style: Low-rise Briefs

*Seen retailing between USD 35 – USD 49 (RM 120 – RM 160) on major booty panty online stores

My Personal take:
I love this!!Seriously! I've always wanted a curvier, sexier butt and this gave me just that! It looks great in tight/fitting dresses/skirts or jeans. I have been looking for this in lingerie stores in Malaysia to no avail. Seems pretty rare here. It is popular in the pharmacies and departmental stores in Hong Kong, Japan, USA and Europe. Pretty good quality material and comfy to wear. Aside from it's aesthetic purpose, it's practical for me too as I have a flat butt, lacking flesh; when I sit down on wooden/hard chairs/surfaces for a long while it aches from the lack of "cushioning" from my own flesh. Wearing this padded panty helps somewhat. =D The above are my personal pics, before and after. The black one is pretty good for LBDs or black shorts or any black bottoms.

My personal pic ^_^ before and after


ok my secret is out.haha~


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