1, first unplug when cleaning up mosquito storage room power plug, not live action.
2, when the product is working Do not reach into the machine or tinkering with machines, so fans scratching fingers or other accident occurs.
3, can not move or live tinkering with machines, to avoid accidents.
4, can not be strong ultraviolet where strong local fluorescent light, as well as infants and young children to reach places.
5, if found quality problems, you should contact your local dealer, not private demolition repair.

  Photocatalysis mosquito is the only use of light, smell, mosquitoes comprehensive technical hunting equipment. Mosquitoes are emitted by human carbon dioxide atmosphere to find people. When they feel the carbon dioxide gas flow immediately flew to this air flow. And they have phototaxis to attract their ultraviolet light. Photocatalytic flutter using mosquito mosquito mosquito favorite ultraviolet light. 360 point of light, coupled with tepid effect, releasing carbon dioxide and air flow to simulate human breath moist carbon dioxide emitted, induces mosquito flying, fans stir the air around the vortex is formed, so that with the air and flying habits of mosquitoes from the wind, when Once sucked into the mosquito capture window, then it is difficult to escape the vortex formed by the fan, they will be sucked into the vortex of the fan at the bottom of the trap until dried and died.
   Photocatalysis mosquito is the most environmentally friendly and efficient mosquito, trap light wavelength of 360-380 nm, harmless to human body. And the photocatalytic reaction can also clean the air, effectively kill all bacteria in the air, absorb harmful gases. It flies, moths have the same killing effect. The overall performance of other non-comparable mosquito. Its biggest feature is that: You can continue to kill blood-sucking female mosquitoes in the same space, so as to effectively interrupt the mosquito population space around the large area of ??the reproduction cycle, to kill hordes Mosquitocide effect.

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If faulty item receive, please contact us within 3 days to solve the problem. 1 to 1 exchange or full refund acceptable.



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