Vaginal Douching
Vaginal douching is intended to be a simple and effective means of assisting women to maintain a healthy vaginal environment. A well designed vaginal douche enables the user to bathe the vagina selectively, removing harmful micro-organisms and supporting other hygienic therapeutic regimes. The design of the Multi-Gyn Vaginal Douche has addressed the negatives that have previously been associated with douching and the design of other douches.

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So why douche?
The self-cleaning capacity of the vagina depends on the individual anatomy of a woman, especially with respect to that of the cavities (fornices) around the protrusion of the cervix into the vagina. These fornices collect debris and create a favorable environment for growth of undesired bacteria.
Douching removes the debris which is collected in the fornices, especially in the fornix posterior. Douching is an important part of a vaginal hygiene routine to maintain a healthy vaginal environment. Douching also relieves acute discomfort such as malodour and itch caused by micro-organisms. By helping to remove these unwanted micro-organisms douching, with non-microbicidal douching fluid, can help prevent and treat vaginal infections. In severe vaginal infections, a medicated microbicidal douching fluid is often used as a co-treatment.
Douching should be recommended to patients for;
-General vaginal hygiene.
-Intensive vaginal hygiene in cases of excessive discharge, unpleasant smell or colour of the discharge, itch, irritation and burning sensation.
-The prevention of vaginal infections and to support  the treatment of fungal (yeast) as well as bacterial infections
-Supporting the growth of Lactobacilli and optimising the natural condition of the vagina.

Why Multi-Gyn Vaginal Douche and Tablets?
The Multi-Gyn Vaginal Douche has been designed to ensure the benefits of douching are experienced by users, whilst any unpleasant effects are minimised. It has been designed by BioClin in co-operation with the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering from the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands. The Department of Medicine of the University of Rotterdam also tested the Multi-Gyn Vaginal douche extensively, prior to it becoming available to patients.
The result of the design is a practical, woman friendly and ergo dynamic apparatus.

Feature Benefit
Angle applicator is attached to reservoir can be varied between 0 and over 90 degrees Douche can be used standing  up or sitting on the toilet
Material of applicator is special medical plastic Means applicator is smooth and flexible and flushes sideways and forward
Applicator is 9.5cm long and 0.9cm wide Applicator is smooth, rounded off and easy to insert
Applicator smoothly widens into a cap, which is screwed onto the reservoir creating a natural stop at entrance of vagina Insertion length of the applicator is therefore 8cm
Too much pressure on the applicator is not possible since it will then flick into an angle preventing use Applicator can therefore not damage the vaginal and cervical tissues.
Holes in the nozzle are conical – even distribution of fluid Ensures that the pressure of the outflow is diminished and build up of intra-vaginal pressure is impossible
Silicon valve, douche can only flush and not spray even when the reservoir is squeezed hard Impossible to build up intra-vaginal pressure and not possible to damage the cervical plug
Applicator top has holes on the sides and on the top This enables the applicator to flush into the fornix posterior
Smooth nozzle surface Nozzle will not collect dirt as other ribbed models do
Reservoir is small Easy to squeeze the fluid out with one hand
Holds 120-150ml of fluid Fluid in reservoir can be emptied without having to pull the applicator out of the vagina
Valve in reservoir Ensures douche will not leak when held upside down

The Multi-Gyn Vaginal Douche is designed to be used in combination with Multi-Gyn Tablets. Multi-Gyn Tablets are effervescent tablets consisting of natural ingredients that help to prevent vaginal discomfort such as itch, burning, unpleasant discharge and/or unpleasant odour by removing the debris from the vaginal fornices. One Multi-Gyn Tablet is dissolved in the Multi-Gyn Vaginal Douche with lukewarm water. The applicator is attached to the douching bottle and inserted into the vagina. By squeezing the Multi-Gyn Vaginal Douche gently and completely the douching fluid is expelled and cleans the vagina.
-Helps to prevent unpleasant odour and to normalise excessive discharge
-Helps to prevent vaginal problems and supports the treatment of a vaginal infection such as a fungal or bacterial infection
-Supports the growth of Lactobacilli and optimises the natural condition of the vagina

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