“火龙灸”最早来源于民间古老的灸法,是晋代皇家宫廷养生术中的精华。运用灸法祛病保健,在古代民间相当普及,后来被宫廷御医所引用,但是民间的这种灸法是在皮肤上直接燃烧的,有很大的痛感,还会留下疤痕,而这种情况是身为金枝玉叶的皇亲贵族们所不能允许的。经过御医们的不断实践,发明了一种宫廷火龙灸的专用灸器—‘瓦甑’,施治时御医们运用多个‘瓦甑’在人体和腧穴上同时施灸,这种舒适安全疗效显著的养生保健方法,深受皇亲国戚们的喜爱,一直被历代宫廷御医所用,并视为宫廷密术,秘而不宣。到了清朝末年,由于太医院重视汤药,轻视针灸,宫廷的针灸科被废止,火龙灸法也随之在宫廷消失。后来,这种疗法慢慢的流 入到了民间。

用  法
将艾绒或剪好的艾断儿 ,点燃后放放插入铜灸器里,火头朝下,盖上盖子,手持悬于患处。手持调整升降的高度来调节火力。或是直接用绑带固定于患处。要是觉得温度不够热,可不垫橡胶圈,直接垫一块布或毛巾即可。以微烫而不痛微宜。火力过小,效果不佳。





Copper Dragon tank, moxibustion pot

Item No. WM - 035

Moxibustion is a traditional chinese therapy using moxa, a flammable substance obtained from the leaves of certain wormwood plants.  The burning of moxa is believed to expel cold and warm the meridians, which leads to smoother flow of blood. 

  • Specially designed for burning moxa sticks.
  • Safe to use as there is no naked fire and no over heating burns.
  • Convenient and easy to use.  
  • Just light the moxa stick and put it into the copper tank with the lighted end downwards.  Put the lid on and hold it over affected area.
  • There is a small nylon chord that attaches to hooks on opposite sides of the tank allowing easy and safe positioning of the tank over the areas requiring treatment.
  • Uses moxa sticks WM-020. 

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