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MIYOME once again devoted to all the ladies with this exclusive beauty care products

Cleansing is the most basic step needed in your skin care routine. Without a proper cleansing, it is a waste for applying more and more skin care products.

MIYOME once again devoted to all the ladies with this exclusive beauty care products. Upon celebrating the brand new year, MIYOME is introducing the intensive moisture cleansing product as the ultimate series for all the beauties.

MIYOME’s cleanser and moisturizer contain of all the natural plants extract which is almost neutral to the skin. Therefore, it deeply penetrates into the skin layer for an effective cleansing. It also improves the condition of the epidermis and the problem of uneven complexion colour. MIYOME’s intensive moisture cleansing foam containing of Vitamin-C which is able to increase the moisture balancing during the cleansing process to prevent dehydration. More important, Vitamin-C is helpful in regenerating the collagen needed to recover a firm and resilient skin. This intensive moisture cleansing foam provides you with the low pH balance which works the perfect for cleansing your skin.


最佳制造胶原蛋白, 增加湿分的平衡,深沉及温和的洁肤剂。

肌肤清洁是护肤最基本的步骤。清洁工作如果做得不好,接下来再多的保养品也无法发挥其功能。MIYOME 为美丽再献佳品,在新的一年诚意推出清洁和保湿产品, 让 MIYOME 为美丽女人呈现终级完美系列。 

MIYOME 保湿洁肤之道,纯天然植物与人体肌肤PH质相近,有效深入毛孔深层清洁, 并改善肌肤角质层和暗沉等问题。MIYOME 保湿洁肤霜独特 VITAMIN C 成分能增加湿分的平衡让清洁的过程中有效防止水分流失。此外,VITAMIN C 也有助于制造胶原蛋白,以便皮肤结实及富有弹性。MIYOME 保湿洁肤霜温和洁肤,PH弱酸配分,是肌肤最佳洁肤良品。

  • 不管是清晨起床还是下班回家,您最不能忽略的就是洁肤。洁肤的益处很多,通过正确的清洁方式能使皮肤尽可能处于无污染和无受侵害的状态中,为进一步护肤提供良好的条件。想要唤起肌肤的活力,加速有害物质的排解,就必须掌握一套正确的洁肤方法。
  • 其实洁肤有三方面的含义:一是要清除依附着在皮肤上的污垢,尘埃,细菌等;二是要清除掉人体分泌的油污,汗液和老化的角质;三是要彻底清除掉皮肤上残留的化妆品。
  • 专家建议以冷水洗脸,热水会破坏皮脂膜,过度清洁皮肤上的油脂,让皮肤变得干燥。最适合的水温是比自己体温稍微低一点的温度即可。








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