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3D Beauty Blending Sponge (Mini Size) x1 Unit only

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3D Beauty Blending Sponge x1 Unit only

3D Beauty Blending sponge
* Flawless foundation/bb cream/make up application
*Saves your make up usage
*Durable & high quality
*Recommended by top Make up gurus
*A fraction of the cost!
*Goodbye open pores
▲ Green
▲ Pink
▲ Purple
▲ Yellow
▲ Comparison 3d beauty blender sponge size

Normal size VS Mini Size

Left : Normal Size ; Right : Mini Size

▲ Comparison 3d beauty blender sponge size

Normal size VS Mini Size

Left : Mini Size ; Right : Normal Size

Model is wearing Elishacoy Always Baby bb cream using tear drop shaped 3D beauty blending sponge
3D Beauty Blending sponge recommended by Top Make up Guru in UK:
Video 2 by UK Make up guru :
Our personal Review/Demo of beauty blending sponge:

3D Beauty Blending sponge is a very versatile make up tool you'll ever use. Washable, re-useable, recyclable. Can be used with all types of makeup. Use damp or dry. We prefer damp. Very versatile applicator. If you have problem skin this 3D beauty blending works to cover blemishes/open pores. The patting and twisting action smoothes out out the make up's edges, leaving a perfect finish.

Gives flawless foundation application every single time. Put makeup on like a pro - evenly distributes makeup so no areas with too much or too little coverage.
Shapes are ideal for all types of makeup application. 
Product is reusable if cared for properly - if used daily, we recommend washing your sponge frequently with a mild cleanser and air dry. **For best results: Wash sponges for use.**
Suitable for sensitive skin
· Hour Glass Shaped Puffs in various colors (random colors given) OR



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