function descriptor: 
1, a true mini, does not occupy space, easy to place and carry;
2, super energy-saving, power is only 200W, cook a meal for 20-30 minutes, electricity less than 0.2 yuan; small power more suitable school dormitory;
3, mini-smooth design, easy steaming, boiling, stewing, small, beautiful, generous;
4, detachable interior multilayer non-stick coating alloy technology, thermal conductivity fast, uniform heating, safe, non-toxic, non-stick, easy to clean;
5, the body power lines using separate power plug, easy to use, safe, reliable, removable cover for easy cleaning; 6, one-button mechanical switch button, automatically jump cooked insulation, more secure;
7, three-dimensional micro-pressure technology, cooked food nutrition is more easily absorbed, suitable for the elderly, children, the sick, bad stomach by other groups
 8, the portable handle design, easy to carry;
9, can cook, steamed, soup, porridge, heating food and other functions II.

For people: 
1, college students: cafeteria food unpalatable, relaxed own special treatment, do not take place, without dormitory power restrictions, energy saving and environmental protection;
 2, urban white-collar workers: noon home to dinner too much trouble, do not eat out health, their own special treatment in the office, quick and sanitation;
 3, hospitalized: Hospital food does not taste, with insulation box and troublesome, simply bring a mini rice cooker in the hospital; 4, Single / couple: a large rice cooker to cook too much a waste of time and a waste of food;
 5,1.2L mini rice cooker, cook the full can cook a full five bowls of rice.

Box Accessories:

  1. Measuring cup
  2. Spoon
  3. power cable
  4. Steaming plate
  5. shell
  6. Instructions
  7. Inner pot




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