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New generation of invisible eyelid stickers! 
Meng Meng Elf invisible eyelid tape

Is an innovative product, with traditional eyelid tapes are completely different.

Is the all-new design, with exclusive patented mesh design.

To be more natural and more comfortable.

Comfort,make you forget it's there.

        Natural and comfortable.  

Strong Viscous,you can stick it before makeup or after make up.

Will not ruin your makeup, it will make your makeup to the next level.

Even if you have done eyeshadow, you can still complete the eyelid.

Did not affect the viscosity,and contact with the skin,more natural,without any feeling.

Now the network is the most fiery of the patented product. 

What are you waiting for ? 

Strong transparency

 Strong adhesion

 Easy to apply eyeshadow color and very transparency

 Strong breathable

How to use ?

 1) Before using Double Eyelid Tape, cleanse your face and eye area.

 2) Fold the paper support back, and gently remove Double Eyelid Tape from the edges.

Apply to your eyelids, while adjusting the angles and position.

 3) Gently apply Double Eyelid Tape 2-3mm above your eyes near eyelash line.

– its can be done before or after makeup- can still be applied naturally.

 4) Use enclosed applicator to give your eyelids a natural look.


Whether single or double eyelid,Multilayer eyelids can be adjusted and strongsupport.
Easy to use, not easy to defeat, the inner double, single eyelids friend's savior!
Available for a variety of eye-shaped:
big/small size of eye, swollen eyes, single eyelids, the inner pair also fit 
Deep and perfect double eyelids made easily,
suitable to apply even after eye make-up as transparent and
flawless when adhesive glue dried up, wont spoilt eye make-up.
A kit containing the 30-day ( 30 pairs ) eyelid patch and a glue,
easy to carry, included with a pink bag.
Suggest to apply a thin layer of glue,
a thick layer will Excessive futile, Glue itself to chemical products,
please wipe Cream or makeup before use.

Exclusive lace material ( extremely invisible, breathable & seamless)





Strong adhesion


Easy makeup


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