Mega-Empire Nano Coating (MENC)

  • 2H Pencil hardness 硬度达2H
  • Anti-scratch from nail 防刮
  • Excellent water-repellent 疏水性佳
  • Wash off dust or stain by rain easily 防尘防污

This Nano-coating Technology is formulated by Nano Center of Taiwan Industrial Technology & Research Institute (ITRI)

Mega-Empire Nano Coating is a spray formulation of the hydrophobic protective film. A transparent and hydrophobic layer is formed on the substrate and becomes a glossy shielding film. Increase the hardness of the car's paint surface to 2H, prevent the nail scratch, and increase the water contact angle to 105 degree. Dirt and stains are washed off from the surface by rain drops, or blown away by wind to keep the surface clean. After 1,000 cycle of scrubbing, the coating keeps the performance of hydrophobic. 

MENC 蓝金纳米镀膜喷剂,会在物体表面上形成一层类玻璃材质的疏水保护膜。这层保护膜将提升车辆表面烤漆硬度至2H,可预防表面刮伤,和产生接触角大于105度的疏水膜。水珠于烤漆表面可快速移动,可将表面附着的灰尘和污迹带走,具有泼水自洁防污效果。效果持久性至少半年,耐洗长达1000次。

Product Details

Ingredients: Wax, Butane, Hexane, Fluoro-siloxane.

Volume: 450 ml

1.      Clean and wax the car surface.
2.      Spray the nano coating solution on the substrate with an aerosol can or a spray gun. Keep the nuzzle 20-30 cm away from the substrate, then spray in a "zigzag" pattern.
3.      Place the object in a shaded area with good ventilation for at least 20 minutes to allow film setting.
4.      Polish the surface with a microfiber towel for good shinning (Skip this step for light coloured cars)

1.      清洗和打蜡汽车。
2.      喷上MENC纳米镀膜时,尽量在远离汽车20-30 cm处,采用之字形喷洒。
3.      把汽车停在阴暗处等待至少20分钟。
4.      使用微纤抹布把镀膜涂均。  

Substrate: paint plate, stainless plate

Application:   Car, Motorcycle, Train, and Boats etc...

1.      Work in well ventilated area with proper personal protection equipment, especially a face mask and a breathing apparatus.
2.      Store in cool place. Keep in a well-ventilated and safe place. Keep children away from this spray.
3.      Avoid contact with skin and eye. If contact, wash off with plenty of water and consult a physician.
4.      Keep away from sources of ignition. No smoking.

1.      请操作于通风良好的地方,穿戴正确的个人防护装备,尤其是口罩和呼吸器。
2.      使用后请贮存在阴凉处。保存在良好通风,安全的地方。存放于远离小孩能接触的地方。
3.      避免与皮肤和眼睛接触。如果接触,用大量清水冲洗并就医。
4.      远离火源。禁止抽烟。

Patent No: 1334879
专利号: 1334879

R & D Unit: Taiwan Industrial Technology & Research Institute (ITRI)

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