Product Name Honey Pear + Tumeric
Product Type Functional Drink
Origin Korea
Shelf Life 12 Months

Product Details

MEGA CHIA™ is designed to provide the best way to get all the benefits of chia seeds for your daily life. 

We took a tip from the outstanding features of chia seeds and developed MEGA CHIA™ which is in contrast with their tiny size, they are packed full of nutrients.

Chia seeds are tiny but great supplements of protein, Omega-3 fatty acid and minerals, and they will make up for what you are lacking.

MEGA CHIA™ will help you to break your overeating habits and develop healthy eating habits that gives more energy to your life.

The tiny-mighty seeds, through the optimum hydration process, you can get all the benefit of chia seed easily and it would be easy on the stomach as well.

MEGA CHIA™ is the Excellent combination of pure fruit juice and all natural goodness with CHIA SEED.

You won’t get tired of various and attractive taste of Basic MEGA CHIA™, Organic MEGA CHIA™ close to the nature and specialized functional MEGA CHIA™.

Stay healthy with MEGA CHIA™ DRINK every day!

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