Coverage Area: up to 600 square feet
Interchangeable Cartridge*: Yes
Functions: Low / Mid / Hi / iKlinn
Input Voltage: 110 v – 240v AC
Dimensions: 182mm (W) x 56mm (D) x 131mm (H)
Weight: 700 grams
Output Current (max): 1.5 Amp @ 12 VDC
Power Consumption: < 8 watts
Operating Temperature: 10 to 35 °C
Negative ion emission rate: On average 3 million per cm⊃3; per second
Ozone at ambient level: Below 0.05ppm

Are there times when you wished that your home was in the forest, next to a pristine waterfall where the air is clean and fresh? Well, your wish can finally come true, with the Versa!

Driven by the revolutionary Cerafusion™ Technology with an easily accessible and replaceable cartridge, it produces massive amounts of negative ions and controlled level of ozone. Scientifically proven to kill bacteria and viruses, both airborne and surface-bound, it also eliminates mould, bad odour and allergens that are on your curtains, cushions and furnishings. Yes, the Versa is designed and engineered to clean more than just the air!

With iKlinn, another innovative feature, you have the versatility to activate quick cleaning whenever you need it. The latest and technologically advanced cartridge module allows quick and convenient access for minimal cleaning – an achievement in precision engineering.

Yes, with the Versa you can bring nature right into your living environment – your personal forest and waterfall!

Live with VERSA.

Modern lifestyles involve frequent and regular traveling, be it business or pleasure. Are there times when you wished your hotel room smelled fresh and clean? The presence of mould, bad odour and residual cigarette smoke disrupts our sleep and ruins the enjoyment of our travels. Sophisticated travelers are keenly aware that a good night rest is essential for maintaining our immunity and health.

Never lose sleep. Never compromise. A philosophy embodied in the creation of the VERSA.

Again, the highly innovative iKlinn feature provides quick cleaning whenever you need. Be Productive, go about your day. Return to a fresh, clean smelling room – the least you should expect after a hectic and tiring day.

The VERSA, designed for travelers – compact, lightweight with variable voltage. It is like traveling with your own forest and waterfall – in your carry-on. The VERSA, designed for sophisticated travelers with a demanding and discerning lifestyle!

Travel with VERSA.

We work hard. We love our work – but not necessary our office environment. Yes, most work spaces are enclosed, with stale recirculated air containing mould, pollutants and bacteria – a perfect environment for cross-infection and allergies. Staying competitive is a good thing – but staying healthy is a challenge.

It is a documented fact that some “indoor air is ten times more polluted than the air outside”. Is there where you spend most of your working hours? It is a wonder if one can remain healthy and productive in this environment.

With the VERSA, you can now enjoy clean, and fresh air in your office, all day long – while keeping the bacteria and viruses away. Work hard by all means, but stay healthy and productive. Have your personal forest and waterfall with you, at work.

The VERSA, work relentlessly, to provide you with clean, fresh air, Stay ahead – with the VERSA.

Work with VERSA.

** FREE Cerafusion Cartridge worth RM 130.00 for Purchase of MedKlinn VERSA, redeem at MedKlinn Official Website.


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