Detects, quarantines, and blocks viruses, and malware. 

so it can’t cause damage to your PC. 


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Uses the same reputation database as the Department of Defense by leveraging the latest threat intelligence shared from businesses and personal users. 



traffic in and out of your PC trying to connect 

Prevents hackers from gaining access to your PC and 5tops cyber criminals from using your PC to spread viruses and online threats. 



Identifies URLs as safe, potentially risky, or known to be risky to visit. 

Vulnerability Scanner 


checking the version on your PC against our database. 

Enables you to more easily update your software to patch potential security holes that online threats can exploit. <&# 7p>McAfee® QuickCleanTM 

internet files that slow down your PC. 


< td>McAfee® ShredderTM 


Securely destroys sensitive electronic files. 

Deleting files and emptying your PC’s recycle deleted files from being recovered. 

Set time limits on Internet usage, and restrict access to sites. 

Anti-Spam Email Filter 


Filters and quarantines unwanted and suspicious emails. 

Keeps dangerous emails out of your inbox, and stops annoying junk mail fro cluttering your inbox.











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