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The eyes are one of the most prominent features on a human face, providing not only vision but also aid in exhibiting the various facial expressions and used as a non-verbal communication tool. All the more so with the shape of the brows; the angle of the arch and the density of the hair which could influence the perception of the beholder. Today, both men and women modify their eyebrows by means of make-up, cosmetic treatments, hair removal and even hair addition to achieve the perfect brows of their choice.

While some women shape them into thin lines, sparse brows are generally unappealing in men. Thicker and darker brows liken strength and authority while pale and thinning ones reflect weakness and aging. Ethnicity plays a role too with East Asians being at a disadvantage with less striking eyes. Many people of prominence have been known to have strong brows. US President Barack Obama spots a pair of thick eyebrows unlike his presidential opponent, John McCain with graying eyebrows. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, especially in his younger days, had strong assertive brows only to serve as Malaysian Prime Minister for 22 years. Brooke Shields with her distinctive dark eyebrows, who was a child model and actress, found fame early in her life.



Why the need for eyebrows?

  • Practicality
    The hairs on the brow ridge form a frontline barricade to keep out the dirt, sweat and rain by preventing moisture from rolling into our eyes. Even the shape of the brow itself would divert perspiration rolling down our forehead away hence preventing the uncomfortable sting from the salty sweat.
  • Aesthetics
    Much like the thinning of hair on the scalp, the lack of hair around the eyes would render one’s face less attractive. Facial grooming around the eyes should not be limited to women as men who wish to give the perception of strength and virility would aim for fuller eyebrows as a thin and sparse brow line could only portray weakness.
  • Facial Physiognomy
    In the practice of face reading, the shape and features of one’s face could determine the person’s character and even destiny. The eyes play a strong influence in this matter and it is believed that the lack of hair on the brows leaves one open to spiritual attack and misfortunes. In this aspect, the shape of the brows could be modified to improve the harmonious balance of yin and yang or to improve one’s facial feng shui.

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Product Details

MAU PLUS EYEBROWS RESTORER enriched with vitamins are essential for re-growing eyebrows hair. The “Beauty Vitamins”, such as B-Complex vitamins, help grow, renew and maintain healthy eyebrows hair. The antioxidant vitamins C and E increase blood circulation and oxygenation to the follicles to grow and fill in sparse patches of eyebrows hair. Without these vitamins, hair may become dry and brittle. Additionally, vitamin C blocks damage caused by free radicals, which cause aging. Vitamin H helps hair grow faster and healthier, as well as thicker and longer.

Direction for use:

Apply to eyebrows by dispensing directly from the applicator.
Method to identify progress:

  • Apply twice daily on your selected side of ocular zone for 1 week.
  • Do the comparison of the side applied with the other side which were not applied after one week.
  • You will observe a longer, thicker and fuller ocular hair on the side which you have applied.

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