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Mastering math facts is important for students as they learn more arithmetic, but Kids just wanna have fun. Combining mathematics games into learning for kids are pretty cool! Kids will enjoy playing the game while they learn how to count. Math game helps to make learning more enjoyable. And, if it's enjoyable, we won't have any problem getting kids to learn math.


  • Used to display number relationships by playing weights on the pegs of balance beam.
  • Help children to lay foundation for arithmetic.
  • Create a number-friendly environment for your child during early childhood.
  • Get the power to think, to concentrate and to calculate.
  • Perfect for practising important maths skills
  • Appropriate for Children ages 3 years and up

字平衡是一种益教玩具。作为儿童益教娱乐,以天平的数字平衡理念,他们会奇迹的发现快乐的数字。这样,也可促进您的孩子对知识的学习,快乐的学习 念的数字”;理解概念的数字,将有助于奠定数字基础。为您的孩子在启蒙状态创造一些有利的学习环境。通过接触和练习,从而使您的孩子比别人更好的掌握 数字方式。但是我们最终的目的还是要培养孩子能自己使用,一开始时建议家长用鼓励的方式,并循序渐进。希望孩子在益教娱乐中感到快乐,从而提高他们对知识 的好奇心。

1. 学习使用数字天平,激发幼儿学习数学的兴趣。
2. 帮助幼儿理解十以内数的分解和组成,以及10以内加减法。
3. 启发幼儿研究天平的概念,初步感知平衡的概念。


Product Details

Math Balance Game is simple but full of challenges. Normally this game involves 2 players, normally can be played between parent and children or among brothers and sisters. One player will be the instructor to rise math questions and the other player need to solve the question by placing the answer on the Math Balance. If the balance is balanced, the the answer is correct.

Let starts learning math:


Step 1: Instructor takes out a question card, for example: 3 Apples Plus 1 Apple Equal to How Many? (3 + 1 = ?)

Step 2: Then, instructor puts the weight on the "Squirrel" side, one weight on 3 apples and another one on NO. 1 apple

Step 3: Let the other player solves the question by placing the weight at the "Bird" side.

GIGO Math Balance Educational Games For Ages 3 Year+

If the weight is placed on No. 4 and the Math Balance is balanced, the the answer is correct.

GIGO Math Balance Educational Games For Ages 3 Year+


GIGO Math Balance Educational Games For Ages 3 Year+


GIGO Math Balance Educational Games For Ages 3 Year+


GIGO Math Balance Educational Games For Ages 3 Year+


GIGO Math Balance Educational Games For Ages 3 Year+


  • Gender: All
  • Recommended Age: 3 Years
  • Main Material: Plastic & Card
  • Product Size : 34 x 27 x 6 cm
  • Package Size (L x W x H): 7 x 28 x 0.95 cm
  • Weight: 0.9 kg


Package Content

  • 1 x Weight Scale
  • 20 x Weight
  • 8 x Question Sheets
  • 30 x Work Cards
  • 1 x Score Stick Sheet
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

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