"Coriander is also known as Cilantro or Chinese parsley.  Adds a spicy fragrance and exotic freshness to oriental foods, especially in Thai and Indian cuisine.

Coriander is native to southern Europe & The Middle East and is of the most ancient of herbs. Coriander grew in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and in AD 812 Charlemagne ordered it to be grown on the Imperial farms in central Europe. Love potions were made from Coriander in the Middle Ages and it is mentioned in the One Thousand and One Arabian Nights as anaphrodisiac.

What's in it?

Coriander Leaves 100%.

Best with?

This oriental herb adds a spicy, fragrant flavour to stir-fries, salads and vegetable dishes.  Mix into salad dressings, fresh tomato sauce and fresh fruit salsa.  Use for garnishing rice, soups and curries.  Add to warm chicken salads. Great with avocados, coconut milk, cucumber, fish and seafood, lemon and lime pulses, sweet corn or rice. Use in marinade rubs – wet or dry.  Add to curries at end of cooking (or it will go bitter).  


May contain sesame seeds.

Note : The weight shown does not include the weight of container


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