"Cinnamon is the underneath layer of bark, peeled from the young shoots of an evergreen tree. A sweet, mild spice used to flavour spiced cakes and biscuits. Cinnamon comes from tropical evergreen trees related to the bay laurel, avocado and sassafras. Cinnamon trees when allowed to grow in their wild state, can grow 8-17m tall and develop girths of 30-60cm across. Cinnamon is said to be among the oldest of spices. References to it date back 2500 years to the land of The Pharoahs, where cinnamon was used in the embalming process.

What's in it?

Cinnamon 100%.

Best with?

A mildly sweet and delicate fragrant flavour. Commonly used in fruit desserts and pastries, sprinkle on porridge. 


May contain sesame seeds.

Note : The weight shown does not include the weight of container"


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