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This product has duo functions. Toothpaste and mouth wash, thus is a 2 in 1 product. Formulation has been tested by Ministry of Health, Taiwan; and being classified as food. In microbiological testing by Soochow University of Taiwan, after 10 times dilution of this product, its anti-microbial effects is still up to 99.99!


Selling points of Master AB Toothpaste and Mouth Wash are: 

1. No calcium carbonate, thus not harmful to enamel of your teeth; No Triclosan, No Fluoride, No Chemical Surfactants, and Diethylene Glycol. (Listed are harmful and commonly found in other brands of toothpaste.)

2. Could be used as mouth wash, especially in the afternoon if do not brushing teeth.

3. Could be used for mosquitoes and insects bites.

4. Could remove bad breathe and expedite would healing

5. Enhancing the secretion of saliva, thus no thirsty feeling.



Product Details

2 in 1 Duo Effects – Chitin Toothpaste.

Best Formulation:
Chitin (ChitoClear), Chitosan, Nano Vitamin C, Xylitol, Natural Peppermint Oil, Oil of Wintergreen etc.

1. Adding most effective chitin (ChitoClear): it controls bacteria growth in mouth, preventing tooth decay (moth glister), getting rid of bad breathe, and expedite wounds healing.

2. Silica: able to remove tartar, plaque, and would not worn your teeth.

3. Natural Peppermint Oil: To improve tissues metabolism and saliva secretion, preserving teeth freshness!

4. Mouth Wash replacement: Can be used as mouth wash after dilution, with anti-bacteria and anti-inflammatory properties. 

5. Anti-inflammation: With natural plants essence, effective in relieving discomfort created by mosquitoes & insects bites. 

6. Absorption through mouth: detoxification functions on all internal organs, detoxifying 90% of toxins found in the body.

7. Absorption through skin: Partial toxins absorbed through skin usually will deposited at subcutaneous tissue level, some other toxin could enter into bloodstream, and even lymph system circulating the whole body system.90% of toxins absorbed through mouth is expellable, whereas 90% of toxins absorbed through skin will continue to stay inside the body system!

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You can only exchange your products with other Master Antibacteria's product. Simply bring/mail your item(s) to us with all contents and packaging, proof of purchase. Product cannot request to exchange after wash or after used.


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