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Mastar has been providing a diverse range of home electric appliances for customer’s satisfaction since 1992. By introducing and upholding a common corporate identity, Mastar has the advantage of business wise recognition and identification in Malaysia.



Mastar products compliance with local and international safety standard, you will be worry free and satisfy with our Mastar product. 



Mastar has developed nation wide service center at every state in Malaysia. You would able to get your warranty services or purchase genius spare part at your corner. 


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ompliance with local and international safety standard, you will be worry free and satisfy with our Mastar product. 

Product Details

Mastar Instant Water Dispenser


Do you ever encounter baby cry and you notice run out of hot water? Need a cup of hot water but force to cook for a jug or a kettle of hot water? Frequency change vacuum flash water? If you having above problem our Mastar Instant Water Dispenser will be very suitable and able to met for your demand.


Our Mastar Instant Water Dispenser build with cooper heating element for instant water cooked while water pass from water tank to water faucet, it only took 5 – 15 seconds. Water dispenser could achieved 99°C, which is fully boiled are ready for you to served with any drink or even instant mee.


While the remaining water in water tank will remain cool and unboiled. Which you could really save on electrical bill and gas on your daily expenses.


Our Mastar Instant Water Dispenser come with night light while you could align you cup to the water faucet at night without switch on the light. While even you didn’t switch off our Mastar Instant Water Dispenser, you wont encounter extra electrical bill expenses on water boiling and reboiling as normal water dispenser or traditional air pot.


With Mastar Instant Water Dispenser – Just one touch and dispenser hot water as how much just as you needed.



Product Details


Product : Mastar Instant Water Dispenser

Model : MAS-2202WD

Dimension : 310 X 220 X 340 (MM)

Weight : 2.36KG

Qty/ Box : 1 Set





  • Instant boiling water up to 95°C
  • Instant boiling within 5 – 15 seconds
  • 2.5L water capacity
  • Removable water tank for water filling and cleaning
  • One touch for water instant boiling and dispenser
  • Pilot indicator on power switch
  • Night light on touch button and faucet head
  • Stainless steel faucet head
  • Come with waste water container





Do I need to keep instant water dispenser on?

Not necessary, if your demand on hot water frequency high, we suggest you keep it open or else you could turn on while you need


Would I save electrical bill on Mastar instant dispenser?

Yes , definitely you will save on your electrical bill as it only took seconds to boil the amount of water that you needed only.


Would it be save on plastic instant water dispenser ?

Yes, all the internal pipe is build with cooper while the faucet us build with stainless steel. While only the casing is build with plastic for cool touch and easy carry.


Would my Mastar Instant Water Dispenser come with warranty?

Yes, all our Mastar product come with 1 year manufacturer defect warranty, we have nation wide service center which could provide you for the fastest service and repair needed

T & C

In order to make warranty claims, please email to and provide below details:



Contact Number

Delivery Address

Invoice Number

Photos or Video of faulty item

Email must be attached with Logon Invoice as proof of purchase.

Delivery costs must be covered by customer.

Merchant will cover delivery costs of replacement product to customer.

Faulty items must be delivered in their original packaging.


If you encounter parts missing or defective goods received, claim must be make within 5 days from the goods received together with all the information from above.

Set must be delivering back to us as soonest as on warranty card. Replacement set will be deliver once after defective set check by QA department.    


Can I return an item after 5 days upon receipt?
Your item cannot be returned after 5 days. Passed this period, If the item is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, for prompt assistance please contact the us directly via 07-288 6688 Ext 103 ( After Sales Service Department ) to organize the warranty claim. You can also find all the contact information and our service center via for your product’s warranty service center.

How do I go about servicing my product?
You can directly contact or send your product to our Service Center following the webpage ; or you can also send it to our office for warranty claim. However, we would advise you to send the product directly to its Service Center for a faster process.


How long does it take to repair my product?
If your item is within warranty duration, we will process your repair request in accordance with our service center. It takes about 30 days max depending on availability of spare parts.


If my product is within warranty duration, do I need to pay for repairs?
If your product is within warranty duration and is damaged due to manufacturer defect, you don't have to worry about the repairing cost. We will cover it. However, courier fee will be covered by the customer. If your product is damage due to commercial use, misuse or not accordance to our instruction manual the repairing and parts cost shall be born by you, while our service center will quote you before conducting repair. 


If my product is out of warranty duration, do I need to pay for repairs?
If your product is out of warranty duration, you will be responsible for repairing cost. 
We suggest you to repair the product at our authorized services center for better quality services and genius spare parts. However, courier fee will be covered by the customer.  



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