Black Case for iPhone 6+2 lenses+SMT LED with tripod mount


  • Protective photographic case for iPhone 6
  • Portable LED light with Surface Mount Technology
  • Built-in tripod mount with universal 1/4'' thread
  • Telephoto 3x lens for sharper and more detailed pictures
  • Fisheye lens perfect to create hemispherical images


The Deluxe Photo Kit comprises a brand new photographic case, a LED light with tripod mount and 2 interchangeable lenses (the Fisheye lens and the Telephoto 3x lens). This combination of accessories allows you to have a selection of the most relevant products to boost your creativity while shooting pictures and videos anytime. 

The KLYP+ photographic case perfectly fits the shape of your iPhone® 6. It is a unique combination of aesthetics and functionality. Solid, stylish and extremely useful, this case guarantees maximum protection from scratches and falls. It features a rail-system attachment for the LED light and tripod mount and a thread connection to easily screw in all the Manfrotto lenses. 

The portable and lightweight Manfrotto LED light features a Surface Mount LED Technology. Displaying a 60° beam angle and a luminance of 225 lumens, it guarantees very bright images in low-light conditions and is an ideal soft-fill light. The careful selection of high quality LEDs ensures vivid colours and natural skin tones in pictures and videos, proven by high colour rendition (CRI Index > 80%). The LED light is also dimmable to three different levels of intensity and it can be simply recharged with a USB connector. 

The LED light comes with a built-in tripod mount, provided with a ¼” thread at the bottom, which ensures great stability and point of attachment to any tripod. They have been designed to perfectly fit both the iPhone 5/5s and the latest 6 and 6 Plus thanks to a special adaptor, which can be pulled out and adjusted according to the KLYP+ cover you have. 

Manfrotto lenses are crafted out of solid aluminium and outfitted with thick, high-clarity glass. The Fisheye lens is a Wide angle lens that wraps photos into round, hemispherical images: perfect to modify the reality you are surrounded by to stunning effect. 
The only Telephoto 3x lens available on the market brings you closer to your subject, making your pictures sharper and more detailed, even from greater distances. 

(The LED light has been tested in accordance with safety standard IEC 62471:2006 “Photo biological Safety of Lamps and Lamp Systems” and is not harmful to the human retina).



Beam Angle 60
Battery Life 35 minutes at max brightness
Mounting Method 1/4''
Collection/Series Klyp+ for Iphone 5/5S, 6 and 6Plus
Weight 133 g
Battery Type Lithium


Product Details

KLYP+ iPhone 6 套裝 LED燈 魚眼 3X遠攝


  • iPhone 6 攝影保護外殼
  • LED燈使用Surface Mount Technology
  • 內置三腳架接口,並有通用1/4“螺紋
  • 3倍長焦鏡頭可呈現更清晰﹑更細緻圖片
  • 魚眼鏡頭最適合攝影半球形影像



   該KLYP +照相的情況下完全適合您的iPhone®6的形狀,是美學和功能的獨特組合。固體,時尚,非常有用的,這種情況下,保證了划痕和瀑布最大程度的保護。它具有一個鐵路系統附件LED燈和三腳架和螺紋連接可以輕鬆地擰在所有的Manfrotto 的鏡頭。 

   便攜,重量輕曼​​富圖LED燈有表面貼裝LED技術。顯示一個60°的光束角和225流明的亮度,它保證了非常明亮的圖像在低光照條件下,是一種理想的軟補光燈。本精心挑選的高品質的LED燈保證了生動的色彩和自然的膚色在圖片和視頻,高演色性(CRI指數> 80%)證實。 LED燈也可調光三個不同的強度水平,它可以簡單地再充電用的USB連接器。 

   LED光帶有一個內置式的三腳架,設置有1/4“線程在底部,從而保證大的穩定性和連接的點的任何三腳架。他們已設計完全適合無論是iPhone 5 / 5s和最新6,6加上由於採用了特殊的適配器,其可根據本KLYP +覆蓋有被拉出和調整。 

   Manfrotto 鏡片打造出堅固的鋁合金,搭配厚實,高透明玻璃。  魚眼鏡頭是一個廣角鏡頭,它包裝的照片製作成圓形,半球形影像:完善修改你被包圍效果驚人的現實。 

     (LED燈已符合安全標準IEC 62471進行了測試:2006“燈的照片生物安全和燈系統”,而不是有害於人體視網膜)。



照射角度 60
電池壽命 35 minutes at max brightness
安裝方法 1/4''
Collection / Series Klyp+ for Iphone 5/5S, 6 and 6Plus
Weight 133 克
電池類型 鋰電池



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