Set of 3 lenses (fisheye, portrait 1.5X,wideangle)


  • Made of aluminium and outfitted with thick, high-clarity glass
  • Telephoto 1.5x lens ideal for portraiture
  • Wide angle lens perfect for landscape
  • Fisheye lens perfect to create hemispherical images
  • Small pouch included


The new Manfrotto lenses have been specifically designed to work with the photographic bumper by simply screwing them into the bumper thread. Each one is crafted out of solid aluminium and outfitted with thick, high-clarity glass. The set of three interchangeable lenses includes a portrait, landscape and fisheye lens.

The Portrait lens (telephoto 1.5x) is ideal for portraiture and allows the user to truly capture the shapes and forms of the images with a correct three-dimensional outcome.

The Landscape lens (Wide angle 0.68x) lets the user capture amazing panoramas, i.e. architectural, interior and landscape shots where he may not be able to move farther from the scene to photograph it.

The Fisheye 0.28x lens is a wide angle lens that wraps photos into round, hemispherical images: perfect to modify the reality you are surrounded by to stunning effect.



Collection/Series Klyp+ for Iphone 5/5S, 6 and 6Plus
Weight 140 g


Product Details

義大利Manfrotto 曼富圖KLYP+ iPhone SE/5/5S iPhone 6S/6S+ 專用三鏡組(MOKLYP5S)


可用在Manfrotto系列手機殼的專用鏡頭組,包括iPhone SE/5/5S、iPhone 6S/6S+手機殼。
曼富圖 KLYP+使用介面是非常直覺的,平常的使用。就像你簡單地當你的手拍照。讓你的創意無限發揮,捕捉平常精彩影像和錄影。
曼富圖於配件史上首次推出可變換三鏡組: 素描、風景、與魚眼。藉由令人驚奇的新視角,使用者可以大大增加其iPhone®照相性能。
新的曼富圖的鏡頭經過特別設計,可以簡單地旋入手機殼上。材質選用堅固的鋁合金,並且搭配厚實,高透明玻璃。此組合的三個可互換的鏡頭包括肖像,風景和魚眼鏡頭, 在人像鏡頭(長焦1.5倍),是最理想的人像配件,使用戶能夠真正捕捉形狀及立體感。 風景鏡頭(廣角0.68x)讓用戶捕捉令人驚嘆的全景圖,如建築,室內和風景照。魚眼0.28x鏡頭是超廣角鏡頭,可將照片製作成圓形,半球形影像:完美修飾你被驚人的現實風景包圍。 



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