Managing your studio equipment is never easy and setting up your photo shooting session can be tedious and often time consuming due to the constant changing of the light positions, camera positions and many more. This is where Manfrotto steps in with the MVH500AH Fluid Video Head with Flat Base to help your photography session goes smoothly and flawlessly.

Easy to Use

The MVH500AH is designed to be use with HDSLR camera bodies to deliver smooth and precise movements for your camera. The head has the ability to support your cameras weight efficiently so that even with a heavy lens attached, you could still have a smooth experience. Besides that, the tripod head has a lateral tilt range of -70°/+90° and it provides 360° panning rotation.

About Manfrotto

Based in Northern Italy at Bassano del Grappa, Manfrotto designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of camera and lighting support equipment for the professional photographic, film, theatre, live entertainment and video markets. The product line includes an extensive range of camera tripods and heads, lighting stands and accessories.

Product Details

曼富图 500液压摄影摄像两用云台-3/8''螺口平底



  • 液压控制云台的摇摄与俯仰
  • 反弹力系统控制云台的俯仰调节
  • 滑动式快装板,可实现快速、安全的相机连接
  • 平底设计可搭配多数三脚架
  • Easy link接口可连接其他配件


MVH500AH 是一款具有较宽平台的适用于HDSLR机身的轻质云台,其带有一个通过移动来平衡最新可更换相机镜头的滑动板。入门级500确保可平稳拍摄,并可精准控制重量达5kg(11lbs)的设备。这是一款我们采用成功的桥接技术™制造的紧凑型摄像云台,其取代了曼富图701HDV摄像云台。 优美流畅拍摄:500在水平和俯仰轴上装配有专业液压舱,确保相机的每个移动平滑精准。 使用时更快、更容易且更安全:侧部锁扣系统可让相机和滑动快装板从上部快速地卡扣在云台内,无需对齐和从后面滑入。无需使用辅助安全锁扣。侧部锁扣系统还可以快速简单地从上部将摄像云台中的相机抬起。 500带有的反弹力为 2.4kg (5.3 lbs),支持承重达5kg (11 lbs) 的设备。 500带有一个3/8” Easy Link易用连接装置,用来安装外部监控器或其他配件设备。MVH500AH 云台带有的平底座,可用来安装摄影/摄像两用三脚架、传统三脚架、导轨、独脚架或其他支撑。



重量 900 g
材质 铝合金
安全承重 5 公斤
平衡能力 2.4 公斤
俯仰阻尼 固定液压仓
摇摄阻尼 固定液压仓
快装板类型 500PLONG
底座类型 平底
Center of gravity 55 毫米
前后俯仰 -70° / +90°
氣泡水平儀 (數目) 1
Accessory Compatibility 500HLV, 560BALLSH
接口类型 1/4英寸螺丝, 3/8英寸螺丝
底座直径 60 毫米
Certifications None
颜色 黑色
Easy Link Yes
云台类型 摄像液压云台
最高工作温度 60 C
最低工作温度 -20 C
Pan Bar Included Yes
全景旋转 360
快速释放 Yes
工作高度 10.5 厘米







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